‘Teen Mom’ Cheyenne Floyd Baby #3 On The Way?

Zach Davis, Cheyenne Floyd-Instagram

Does Teen Mom star Cheyenne Floyd have a third baby on the way? Fans have started to speculate that she does based on a recent Q&A that she did. So, what did she do and say that would give this impression? Read on for more details.

Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd Baby #3 On The Way?

Cheyenne Floyd has been a hot topic in the Teen Mom world lately. There has been some controversy regarding the shooting that occurred in 2022. She, her husband, Zach Davis, and her two children were shot at multiple times while in their car. The shooter was eventually sentenced to eighteen years behind bars but now, a new story has emerged from the assailant’s girlfriend, Joslyn. She is pointing fingers at Zach which Cheyenne’s sister was quick to clap back at. Now, fans are questioning if the mother of two may have more on her plate with a possible pregnancy.

Cheyenne Floyd-Instagram
Cheyenne Floyd-Instagram

According to The Sun, Cheyenne went on Snapchat to do a Q&A. She was also seeking help for an aggravated stomach. That was when fans started to wonder if she was actually pregnant. Though she appeared to have a look of discovery as if she had been keeping a secret and now everyone knew, she did reveal the truth. Cheyenne came clean and admitted that she was “definitely not pregnant” and that she had been joking. More so, she wanted to let her fans know they had to “stop putting baby number three” on her because she had enough to handle.

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Zach, Cheyenne-Instagram

She was referencing her youngest, Ace who was causing a commotion in the background and giving her a run for her money. This is nothing new to for the mother of Ryder and Ace as she has been the target of baby rumors for some time. Followers have been questioning her and she has opened up, saying she was content with what she had. Cheyenne welcomed Ryder with The Challenge contestant, Cory Wharton and then reconnected with Zach. They went on to welcome their son, Ace.

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Teen Mom fans have watched Cheyenne Floyd do the best that she can with her two children. However, it has not been easy, especially after the shooting incident. They have been very cautious as to not reveal the shooter’s name but then everything has been flipped. His girlfriend, Joslyn alleged that Zach had it coming and it was all over owed money. More so, she claimed Zach is a scammer and has been for as long as she has known him, which is a decade. This may play out in further episodes but for now, thankfully the children are safe.

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