’Teen Mom’: Baby #3 For Cheyenne Floyd?

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Is Teen Mom star Cheyenne Floyd expecting baby number three? The mother of two has her hands full but is she open to the possibility of expanding her brood? She recently answered some questions and this was one of them but what did she say? Read on for more details.

Teen Mom: Baby #3 For Cheyenne Floyd?

Cheyenne Floyd is already a mother to daughter Ryder from her relationship with Corey Wharton. She also has a son, Ace with her husband, Zach Davis. The two have been through a lot in the past year as documented on the Teen Mom franchise. Cheyenne and Zach were in a scary situation when a gunman, seemingly someone they knew, shot at the vehicle they were in. Ryder and Ace were also in the car, as well but everyone escaped unscathed. Following that, Zach found himself in some legal trouble which was another hit to the couple.

Cheyenne Floyd Shares Ryder's Swimming Video [MTV | YouTube]
Yet, they have taken it in stride and have tried to keep their love alive. Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis initially found love in high school then she met Corey. That did not last but did result in a beautiful little girl. Ultimately, Cheyenne and Zach reunited and started their family together. However, will they be adding on more children? According to The Sun, Cheyenne did a Q&A on Snapchat. One fan had this to ask: “When is baby #3 coming?!” Since she chose to read this question aloud, Cheyenne did ultimately end up answering it.

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Instead of giving a long drawn-out answer and explanation, this is what the Teen Mom star had to say: “I doubt we will have another.” It appears that she and Zach are content with the family that they have and do not feel the need to change it. Plus, Cheyenne Floyd seems to have her hands full with Ryder, 6. She recently appeared on her mother’s podcast, Think Loud Crew. The youngster seemed to have some lofty goals for her summer vacation.

Ryder On The Loose

Cheyenne Floyd’s daughter, Ryder said: “I just want to go to Paris so bad and eat buttery croissants.” This was her summer plan, adding that she thinks they have enough money to book all they need to get there. Apparently, she believes that her family is loaded and can get the hotel and flights in a pinch. So, maybe just the two are fine for now. Of course, if they did throw a third into the mix, no doubt it would be an adorable but feisty little sweetie.

Do you think Cheyenne Floyd is good with two or will she change her mind as they get older? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.




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