‘Teen Mom’ Cheyenne Floyd Making Moves Away From Series

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Teen Mom star Cheyenne Floyd is currently making moves away from the long-running MTV series. It seems that the show is not as popular with the fans as it once was. Therefore, the cast is finding ways to keep the cash flow coming in as well as keep themselves busy and relevant. So, what is Floyd up to now? Read on for more details.

Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd Making Moves Away From Series

Every show has an expiration date and Teen Mom has worked tirelessly to try and revamp itself. They have done therapy and retreats plus changed the name of the show. It has been a strong effort but the show can feel redundant. According to The Hollywood Gossip, the series, which has been on for over a decade, has seen record-low ratings. It used to get over 4 million viewers back in the beginning and now, it has dipped to over 200K live. That being said, it makes sense why Cheyenne Floyd would embark on a new journey.

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According to The Sun, Cheyenne Floyd has started a podcast with her father, Kyle, airing Wednesdays. Unfiltered Kitchen will revolve around cooking, hence the name, and begins on September 6th. The mother of two shared the big news on her Instagram early Thursday, August 24th. “My dad has talked his way into a podcast of our own! If anyone knows him then you know this podcast will be honest, real and unfiltered. Get ready for a wild ride!” she wrote alongside a photo of her and her father. They looked like they were cooking up something great.


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Followers were thrilled with this news and immediately commented their thoughts. “I CANT WAIT! I respect your dads honesty so much! LFG! 👏🏽” one wrote. Another added: “I’m so excited 😩😩😩😍😍😍 we love your dad!! Sorry Cheyenne 😂😂.” Cheyenne’s dad seems to be the selling feature for this podcast. Another got sentimental and shared this: “🥹🥹 Aw i love this ! And your guy’s relationship coming from a fatherless daughter ❤️”

Better Things Are Coming

Cheyenne Floyd has had a hard time over the last year. She, her then-fiance, and her kids were shot at while they were in their car thirteen times. They then had to relive the trauma on Teen Mom and the fear that they faced especially having small kids with them. Luckily, the couple moved on and ending up getting married in a lavish ceremony and are trying to remain positive. Now, Cheyenne has an amazing new opportunity which she seems very excited about it.

Will you be listening to Cheyenne’s podcast? Do you love her father as much as her followers do? Let us know in the comments below.

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