‘Teen Mom’ Gunman Opens Fire On Cheyenne Floyd & Kids

Teen Mom/YouTube/Cheyenne Floyd

The Teen Mom ladies have been through a lot in their off-camera lives. Now, one of the key players is facing a nightmare no mother should ever have to face. Cheyenne Floyd was just placed in the middle of gunfire along with her children. So, what exactly happened? Read on for more details.

A Teen Mom Star’s Worst Nightmare

Cheyenne Floyd should be enjoying her engagement and wedding planning. However, something major derailed her life and she is finally opening up about it. According to Us Weekly, the mother of two and her fiance, Zach Davis were in their car. They were then shot at thirteen times by someone that they knew. Her daughter, Ryder, and son, Ace were with the couple when the incident occurred. She and Zach recounted the details during the premiere of the Teen Mom spinoff, The Next Chapter.

Teen Mom/YouTube/Cheyenne Floyd

“We’re just riding and the music was playing. It was a normal car day and Chy looks at me and goes, ‘What is that?’ It was a green beam on my face. It was somebody we both knew. He’s been here at Chy’s house. There are pictures [of us] with him,” Zach revealed. He noted that the beam was in fact a gun in his face. Zach added: “All of a sudden you start hearing shots. He hit the car 13 times, and we crashed into the back of a Prius. It was the worst feeling in the world.”

Lucky To Be Alive

According to Cheyenne, the Teen Mom star is lucky to be alive. Apparently, the police officers who were there were stunned that they all escaped unscathed. However, mentally, it has not been that easy for Cheyenne. She is heartbroken that her children ever had to go through something so traumatic. Furthermore, she thanked her family and friends for all of their love and support during this devastating time. Unfortunately, the gunman never showed up at the courthouse. Additionally, the couple chose not to name names while discussing the incident in the premiere.

Teen Mom/YouTube/Cheyenne Floyd

Cheyenne started on Teen Mom when she was a new mother to Ryder with ex, Cory Wharton. He has gone on to appear on The Challenge while Cheyenne reconnected with her high school love, Zach. The two ultimately realized that they were meant to be together and became engaged in 2021. Soon after, they had their baby boy, Ace. Now, they will live their lives every Tuesday on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter on MTV. It will be interesting to see their story continue to progress.

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