Cheyenne Floyd Blasted For Ryder’s, 5, Dangerous Activity

Cheyenne Floyd Blasted For Ryder’s, 5, Dangerous Activity [MTV | YouTube]

Fans blasted Cheyenne Floyd for Ryder’s dangerous activity. They claim her five-year-old daughter was in danger. The 29-year-old shared a video of her child climbing on rocks and jumping into their swimming pool. Cheyenne wrote on her Instagram Story, “Swimming lessons. Go Ry! Go!”

Ryder wore a pink swimsuit with long sleeves. She got on all fours and climbed up on the rocks before standing up into the water. The rocks were part of a decorative feature on the structure that offers shade. Cheyenne cheered her daughter on, but her fans weren’t pleased with this dangerous activity.

Cheyenne Floyd Shares Ryder's Swimming Video [MTV | YouTube]
[MTV | YouTube]

Ryder jumps into the swimming pool

The Teen Mom star continued to film her daughter playing around in the pool. Even her swimming instructor was heard giving the little girl encouragement. After Ryder jumped into the pool, she joined her instructor and the remainder of the swimming class that was also there. Cheyenne Floyd took to her Instagram Stories to share the video with her fans.

The clip later appeared on a Teen Mom Instagram account, according to The Sun. Most fans flocked to the comment section to call out Cheyenne Floyd for the dangerous swimming activity. They had a feeling that it wouldn’t have ended well if her daughter fell off the rocks.

“Letting Ry climb wet rocks really,” one fan wrote.

“I hate to be that person but this seems dangerous,” another fan added.

Cheyenne Floyd Films Ryder [Cheyenne Floyd | Instagram]
[Cheyenne Floyd | Instagram]
This comes amid the ongoing backlash against Cheyenne Floyd. Earlier this month, fans blasted her for using her daughter to promote her new nail polish brand. The MTV star shared a photo of herself with Ryder in front of the Nails by Ryder K display. They were unimpressed with the announcement.

“The Ryder nail polish thing is weird to me and acting like she’s some child entrepreneur,” one fan wrote.

“Right? Like the show isn’t exploitive enough, now she’s using her daughter’s ‘love of nail polish’ [eyeroll emoji]’ to make more money,” a second fan added.

Cheyenne Floyd using her own daughter?

Ryder was only four years at the time she set up her own nail polish company. Both Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton were blamed for coming up with the idea. The reality star and the MTV: Challenge alum share Ryder. Cheyenne also shares an 11-month-old son with her fiance Zach Davis.

Fans think the couple is using their own daughter for their own monetary gain. Cheyenne hasn’t responded to the backlash.

Cheyenne Floyd Promotes Ryder's Nail Polish
[Cheyenne Floyd | Instagram]
What are your thoughts on Cheyenne Floyd’s latest Instagram Story? Do you agree that it’s dangerous for her daughter to jump into the water like that? Do you think it’s too soon for kids to learn how to do that? Sound off below in the comment section.

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