Sophia Following Mom Farrah Abraham’s Stinky Business?

Sophia Following Mom Farrah Abraham's Stinky Business? [Credit: Farrah Abraham/Instagram Stories]

Farrah Abraham was already accused of giving her daughter Sophia Abraham too much freedom. Now, it looks like she’s encouraging her 12-year-old daughter to follow in her smelly footsteps. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Farrah threatened to send her followers “s***” in a jar.” She posted a bizarre video last month that has since gone viral.

The video showed the former Teen Mom star threatening to send her follower and fans poop-filled jars. As fans already know, Farrah is one of the many reality stars on Only Fans. Some think she’s taking a page out of 90 Day Fiance star Stephanie Matto’s book with her fart-filled jars. Instead, Farrah is taking it one step further and wants to sell her poop in her jars.

While her daughter is just a tween, she encouraged Sophia to follow her brand.

Teen Mom fans are “speechless” that Farrah Abraham would stoop so low

One Teen Mom fan noticed that Farrah Abraham is selling her “own poop slime” on her daughter Sophia’s website. The website called features their merchandise, including a bottle of “Farrah Poop Slime.” It costs $9.00 with tax included and is available for pre-order. The bottle features the reality star’s face and says it’s for ages 5 and up.

Yet, it makes some fans uncomfortable since Farrah Abraham announced that she was going to sell her own poop jars on Only Fans. Fans previously assumed that she was inspired by the 90 Day Fiance star. The TLC took to TikTok to talk about selling her farts in a jar, which landed her in the hospital. Regardless, Stephanie has been making bank with this strange fetish.

Since Farrah has dabbled in the adult industry, fans assumed she was doing the same thing. They didn’t expect this item to appear on Sophia’s website. There are no details on the item, other than the fact it’s called “Poop Slime.”

Farrah Abraham Selling Poop Jars? [Credit: Farrah Abraham/Instagram]
[Credit: Farrah Abraham/Instagram]

Fans slam Farrah Abraham for stinky product

One user took to Reddit to share a screenshot of the item on Sophia’s website. They titled the thread: “Farrah using her daughter to throw shade on the internet… this is on SOPHIA’s merch site.” Fans shared their thoughts in the comment section. Most of them slammed Farrah Abraham for stooping so low and dragging her kid into her stinky business.

  • “This is honestly devastating.”
  • “She spelled her own name wrong.”
  • “Holy s***, when does it end? (Literally.)”
  • “This is just exactly what I would expect from a low rent classless piece of trash like Farrah.”

One fan wondered if she’s selling the product to prove to her daughter that she’s not actually selling poop in a jar. Last month, the former MTV star said that she was sending her “blessings”  in “a lucky jar.” In the deleted video, which resurfaced later on a Teen Mom fan account, she explained how she packaged it and retained the smell. She said that each jar came with a special message.

Farrah Abraham Poop Slime [Screenshot]
What are your thoughts? Do you think Farrah Abraham is dragging Sophia into her stinky business? Or, do you think she’s trolling? Sound off below in the comment section.

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