‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Horrifies Fans In Black Thong

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David Eason released his official video for his rap song, Please Don’t Make Me, and when Teen Mom fans watched it, they were horrified by Jenelle Evans who twerked in a black thong. Notably, this is all going down while CPS allegedly investigates their parenting.

Jenelle Evans Already Got Roasted For Promoting The Video

Teen Mom fans can’t get their heads around the fact that CPS allegedly investigates the couple who carry on without a care in the world. In fact, tabloids speculate about the future of all the kids since Jace, 14, ran away from home three times. According to a report by The Sun, CPS allegedly got an order to interview Ensley and Kaiser without their parents being present.

Instead of being alarmed about the various stories, Jenelle Evans denies everything and blames her mom, Barbara for telling lies. Amid allegations that David Eason assaulted Jace, she seems determined to post some rather bizarre stuff on social media. On the weekend, she posted a promo for David’s music video, and that enraged Teen Mom fans who feel that right now, her kids should be her priority.

MTV Fans Express Disgust As Jenelle Evans Twerks In A Thong

The music video launched on Vevo’s, YouTube, and you can watch it further down in this article. Plenty of people trashed the couple because it revealed David burning rubber, drinking, handling his crotch, apparently dry-humping a railing, and more. Meanwhile, his wife twerked in a pair of black panties tucked up to look like a thong. On Reddit, critics of the former MTV stars roasted her all over again.

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Horrifies Fans In Black Thong Reddit
MTV’s Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans twerks in David Eason’s music video – TikTok via Reddit

Critics of Jenelle Evans don’t blame Jace for allegedly saying that he’ll run away again if CPS sends him back to “The Land.” Teen Mom fans can only imagine that he often witnessed the behavior of David Eason and his wife as seen in the video. One Redditor said, “Nice! Especially since y’all are being investigated for child abuse and neglect. I guess this is what you do in the meantime. 🤣 God I hope the detectives are lurking here.”

YouTube Reactions

One viewer on YouTube commented, Jenelle’s part in the video is absolutely disgusting. No wonder her son ran away. He is old enough to know this isn’t the lifestyle he wants. The younger ones don’t understand yet. So sad that this is what they choose to put their time and effort into.”

Another critic of Jenelle Evans said, “Imagine going to court trying to prove you’re a fit parent then releasing a music video featuring you sitting in a pile of empty beer cans in the woods. Jenelle should give her head a shake, not her ass. Public image at an all time low.”

Are you disgusted with the behavior that David Eason revealed in his music video? What about the kids who see things like their mom twerking in a black thong? If the video shows their real lifestyle, are you no longer shocked that Jace ran away so many times? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for more Teen Mom news.

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