CPS To Interview Jenelle Evans’ Kids Kaiser, Ensley

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When Teen Mom fans heard that the son of Jenelle Evans, Jace ran away, it started out with “I told you so” and lighthearted baiting by critics. Since then, things turned serious and it’s thought that CPS got involved with Jace, and now Kaiser and Ensley.

MTV Alum Jenelle Evans Denied CPS Involvement With The Kids

The runaway adventures of Jace happened multiple times. Naturally, Teen Mom fans started speculating that there must have been a very good reason for the teenager to run away. The third time that he ran, reports emerged that he ended up in a hospital. Along with that, came allegations that David Eason had assaulted him. The police did not make an official statement, and neither did the CPS. However, someone is feeding information to the media.

Jenelle Evans claimed that she just wanted privacy for Jace to heal. However, despite all denials, the story that CPS became involved after alleged video footage of an assault emerged, won’t go away. More recent news suggested that Jace wasn’t going to school and that Kaiser ended up being suspended. As far as MTV fans are concerned, there must be something going wrong on “The Land.”

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Ordered To Let CPS Access The Younger Kids?

Whoever leaks the stories to the media must be close to the family. David Eason and his wife lambasted her mom, Barbara, assuming it might be her. This week, a source spoke with The Sun and alleged that the Teen Mom alum “was ordered to bring her children Kaiser, 9, and Ensley, 6, in for questioning as Child Protective Services continues to investigate the family.”

Teen Mom CPS Get Jenelle Evans' Kids Kaiser, Ensley Private Interviews Instagram
Teen Mom – CPS investigates Jenelle Evans’ kids Kaiser, Ensley, Jace – @j_evans1219 – Instagram

The outlet reported that allegedly, Jenelle Evans and the kids were discussed in a court hearing. Apparently, “…the judge, a sheriff’s deputy, and a CPS worker asked questions about allegations of abuse within the Teen Mom star’s household against the other minors.” With so much overwhelming information arriving, there really seems to be a lot of smoke in this fire.

David Eason Booted From Court, Jace In Barbara’s Custody?

Jenelle Evans and her mom continue their custody fight for Jace. The Ashley reported that Jace and his mom, along with Barbara were at the court. However, David Eason arrived, despite being told to stay away from the teenager. Apparently, he was booted out and Barbara was assigned custody of Jace, who doesn’t want to see his mom. However, it seems that for now, Jace remains in the custody of CPS. Soon, the other kids might also end up there. If all of this information from sources has any validity, the future doesn’t bode well that the former Teen Mom couple will continue to keep the kids on “The land.”

Do you believe that CPS really got an investigation going and managed to finally get Ensley and Kaiser alone for interviews? What about the claim that Jenelle Evans has been making it hard for CPS to meet with the kids? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and come back here for more Teen Mom news.

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