Jenelle Evans Claims CPS Supervisor Outed Barbara

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Teen mom alum Jenelle Evans blamed her mom Barbara for leaking lies to the media after Jace ran away from home. Now, she claimed that she spoke with a CPS supervisor who confirmed that Barbs was the one. Additionally, she talked about Jace and the alleged assault by her husband.

Jenelle Evans Shocked Teen Mom Fans With A New Video

When the latest news about Jace and CPS came, MTV fans seemed stunned. They already knew that Barbara’s daughter reportedly filed court documents to get a restraining order against her mom for the second time. It came after Barbara said her daughter took Jace off his meds.  Allegedly, David’s wife admitted that she stopped Jace’s meds and therapy, claiming that it wasn’t needed.

In the new video, Jenelle Evans spoke about how she worries about Jace’s mental health. Strike one contradiction. Media reports claimed that Jace accused David Eason of assaulting him outside a neighbor’s property. Furthermore, talk about ring camera footage emerged. Until now, Jace’s mother denied that ever happened. And yet, in her latest video, she said that she “was there,” and nothing like that happened. So, it seems “there” might be outside the neighbor’s property. Is that Strike 2?

Jenelle Evans Claims A CPS Official Backs Up Her Claims

In her video, which arrived on TikTok and was shared on Reddit, she slammed the media for telling lies. Notably, they put her in a bad light. One thing that is correct, is that she noted that none of the outlets can prove anything because only she has access to documentation. Actually, unnamed sources should never be taken as the gospel truth.

MTV's Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans claims CPS supervisor blames Barbara for leaks - Reddit
MTV’s Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans claims CPS supervisor blames Barbara for leaks –  TikTok via Reddit

Jenelle Evans crowed about how she and David won their custody case after David allegedly killed Nuggest the pup. Next, te MTV alum confirmed that she is involved in a case with CPS. Additionally, she denied that David was thrown out of court, as well. Then, she said, “I called up the supervisor at CPS yesterday and I said, ‘I wanna know right now, who is releasing all this information. Is it you?”

Barbara Leaked The Information?

Jenelle Evans continued by saying, “You know what they said?” Then she answered her own question, saying, “I’m literally gonna tell you what they said.” Nodding her head, she continued by saying that the CPS official said, “Janelle, it wasn’t us, it obviously wasn’t you, because they re talking badly about you.” According to the Teen Mom alum, the CPS supervisor asked, “Who is the only one who has something to gain from this, Jenelle?”

Next, the CPS official allegedly said, “Correct, your mom,” after David’s wife wondered if it could be her “mom.”


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Do you believe that a CPS supervisor who is possibly part of an investigation into Janelle Evans and David Eason really agreed that Barbara is the source of lies to the media? What about the denial that David assaulted Jace? Notably, she did mention that she “was there.” So, that does seem to back up the alleged claim that Jace and David had some sort of confrontation. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and come back here for more Teen Mom news.

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