‘The View’ Sunny Hostin Lets Her New Gig Slip On-Air

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Undoubtedly, sometimes even celebrities get overly excited and let a secret slip. Recently, this seems to be the case for The View‘s Sunny Hostin.

Sunny Hostin Takes On New Gig

Surprisingly, earlier this month, Sunny revealed that she is going to be on Finding Your Roots this season. Recently, Sunny Hostin shared the trailer for PBS’ Finding Your Roots upcoming episodes on her Instagram. Within the clip, Sunny sat opposite Finding Your Roots’ host, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Sunny captioned, “I’m a guest on the new season of #FindingYourRoots!”

She continued saying, “I’m thrilled to have my family ancestry featured on this special show by the immeasurable @HenryLouisGates. The 10th Season of Finding Your Roots premieres January 2, 2024, on @PBS. Don’t miss it!” But that isn’t the only new gig for Sunny. As she was chatting with Brian Teta, she let another under-the-radar venture slip out!

Sunny Hostin The View YouTube

Breaking News With Sunny Hostin

The View star, Sunny Hostin, spoke to producer Brian Teta during the The View: Behind the Table podcast. She says she has an exciting new project she is working on. While talking about their favorite books, Sunny said she loved science fiction. Segwaying into some information about her writing career. Brian said, “As a writer, do you ever think about – I know mostly you do either your non-fiction, but also fiction that’s inspired by real-life – would you ever write a sci-fi fantasy or something like that?” Sunny hesitantly said, “Well, Brian, I don’t even know if I can say this but… my next book is a sci-fi book.”

Brian congratulated Sunny Hostin, “Oh, wow! That’s really exciting!” And Sunny jokes, “Breaking news on the podcast!” Continuing, she said, “Yeah, it’s in the works, and the first book in the series will be called Almeetra.” Brian, encouragingly said, “Oh, alright, we’ll take that as a tease, and we’ll hear more about it. But that’s really exciting.”

Sunny Hostin The View YouTube

What Does This Mean For The View?

While Sunny Hostin buffs up her career away from The View, fans wonder about her work on the daytime show. Speculating, some people thought last week’s guest star, The Bachelorette’s Rachel Lindsay, could be a replacement for Sunny on the panel long-term.

On X, one person said, “I pray they keep bringing Lindsey on to test replacing Sunny.” A viewer commented, “Did not know Rachel was going to be on. I hope they are screen testing again!” Another agreed, “Same,” hopeful this is the direction they are going and want Rachel to host again.

What do you think about Sunny Hostin’s new ventures? Do you think she planned to discuss her new book? Will you be watching Finding Your Roots?

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