‘The View:’ Sunny Hostin Snubbed By Co-Hosts Days Before Premiere

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Just days before the premiere of Season 27 of The View, Sunny Hostin has been snubbed by nearly all of her co-hosts. Is the drama, tension, and feuds among the panelists kicking off early this season? How exactly did her co-stars snub her? More importantly, who was it that didn’t join the others in this snub session? Keep reading for the details.

The View: Sunny Hostin Snubbed By Co-Hosts Days Before Premiere

Sunny Hostin may be wrapping up her break from filming episodes of The View. But, that doesn’t mean her break has been all fun and play. Turns out, Sunny has been working pretty hard as of late. More specifically, she’s been working hard on the promotion of her new book: “Summer on Sag Harbor: A Novel.” 

Recently, she’s been promoting her book by attending a number of book signings. This includes a recent signing that took place in Bridgehampton this week. According to The Daily Mail, her co-host Joy Behar was spotted attending the event. Showing up to support her co-host, Joy spent some time chatting with Sunny during the event.


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Likewise, Joy Behar was dressed to impress during the book signing as well. Joy donned a snug all-black ensemble. And, she topped off her ensemble with a beige long-sleeve jacket. She paired her sleek and casual ensemble with a large pair of sunglasses. Joy also accessorized with a large yellow bracelet on her arm.

Sadly, fans of The View were pretty quick to notice that neither Whoopi Goldberg, Sara Haines, Ana Navarro, nor Alyssa Farah Griffin showed up to support Sunny.

The View Fans React To The Disrespect

In response to the accusation, many fans of The View admit they weren’t too surprised that most of the panel didn’t show up for Sunny. One fan noted that Sunny was a “vile woman” and they would be surprised to learn she had any friends. Other fans rushed in to rip Sunny Hostin. They noted they couldn’t blame her co-hosts as they also had no interest in reading the book. A few even jested Joy Behar only showed up because she was just as disliked as Sunny.

There were also a few fans of The View who speculated the talk show host would find a way to turn her co-hosts not showing up for her into a “race issue.” Furthermore, some just flat-out admitted they didn’t care and didn’t understand why people still watched The View.

Do you think Sunny’s co-hosts outside of Joy Behar were snubbing her by not showing up to this book signing? Or, do you think fans are just reading too much into this? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more news on your favorite talk shows.

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  1. No! Why is it necessary to show up in mass for everything? The ladies each have their own lives and Sunny and Joy are on the island often. The others aren’t. Stop trying to make everything an issue. They like each other get over it!!!!

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