Is’ The View’ On Verge Of Cancellation Over Recent Chaos?

The View - YouTube - Whoopi Goldberg

Is The View on the verge of cancellation over the recent chaos? The series has been around for 26 seasons, and the 27th season is set to premiere in just a few weeks. Could this all change abruptly? Keep reading to find out what’s going on and see whether the series might be axed.

A source claims a cancellation could happen after recent chaos.

If you regularly watch The View, you’ve witnessed much of the drama and chaos between the six ladies. Though they keep things civil at times, other conversations are a bit more intense. In the past, they’ve tackled plenty of controversial topics. Because the women come from all different backgrounds and have different political beliefs, it’s easy for things to become heated. They’ve had hot conversations and plenty of disagreements over the years.

For this reason, there’s talk about the show coming to an end. But are these rumors true?

The View - YouTube - Joy Behar
The View – YouTube – Joy Behar

A source spoke to National Enquirer about the series and claimed that a cancellation could happen. The source pointed out that it’s just not the same show Bill Geddie and Barbara Walters created back in 1997. Bill was then the executive producer for nearly two decades. He recently passed away.

The insider shared:

Back in Bill’s era The View was topical and intellectual — and the co-hosts debated, but kept it classy. Now, they can’t seem to go a day without someone picking a fight. … They’ve only succeeded in turning off more viewers, and bosses are fed up. The View is more trouble to produce than it’s worth — and they’re ready to throw in the towel.

Is The View safe from being cancelled?

Now, another insider is weighing in on the fate of the series and they seem to think the opposite of the first source mentioned. The insider spoke with Radar Online and addressed the rumors. They said, “The View is the most-watched daytime talk show in the country.” Based on this detail, the source also claimed that there is “no truth” to the speculation about the show coming to an end. 

So, fans can breathe a sigh of relief that the show might be safe. An upcoming season is already planned. As of now, the series is set to return in September. Hopefully, this won’t be affected by the recent chaos.

So, do you think that The View could be cancelled due to the recent chaos? Or do you think it’s probably safe, as the source noted? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Scows Ace for more news about your favorite talk shows and hosts.

Below, you can check out a clip from a recent episode of The View. 

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  1. THe View isnt getting cancelled because theres “drama between the hosts” Lol or because of the Hollywood writers strike, The View is NOT Hollywood nor does it have anything to do with Hollywood, nice excuse though. The View is being cancelled because they do nothing but stir division in this country, make unsubstantiated claims and spread FALSE rumors without ANY facts to back it up, defame celebrities who dont fall in line with their liberal narrative and agenda, and to be honest, everyone on that show is as dumb as a rock. Not one of them knows ANYTHING about politics yet they make every show about politics. People are sick of that joke of a show. If you search on YouTube The View gets called out on their stupidity and false claims on a DAILY basis by both people from the Right AND Left. Its about time the dumbest show to ever exist on TV gets cancelled. Absolutely no one will miss them. Im sure Whoopi could find a new platform to promote her antisemitic views

    1. You’re 100% on target. They are so divisive with the bs they spew. Unfortunately their viewers believe all the nonsense they say.

      1. I used to love The View when it first started. It was informative and from the woman’s view ON ALL ANGLES. Now, the show has evolved to a lower level of communication that I don’t care for. These women seem to be on more of a defensive attack if you don t share their opinions. I hate it when people get into attack mode just because you do not share the same opinion. What is up with that? Hoda and Jen don’t play that game.

  2. personally I like the View the ladies are not dumb whoever thinks that is the dumb one I hope that are not cancelled since I retired that’s what I watch and I have friends who watch it also it would truly be missed

    hope this is’nt true

    thank you

    1. It’s not so much that they’re dumb, it’s because they’re incorrect and divisive with almost everything they say. Viewers, unfortunately, believe their distorted comments on political people and events. They attack anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

    2. No Marie, you are right they are not dumb, but they come across as aggressive and mean, if one does not share their opinions. I thought that was what The View was about ie everyones’ view or perspective, and not not name calling and walking away if someone does not share your “VIEW”. The very idea of anger in a live debate on a one hour talk show, and everything is always political and having something political drawn into it , and they are always the only way because they are the hosts. I would never want to be a “guest” on the view. LOL!

  3. It’s about time they’ve decided to remove these ill informed cuckling chickens, Never my life have I ever seen such an annoying bunch of American hating leftist seas hags.

  4. Them idiots on that show are the most hated whomen? On earth they are not Americans they are from hell. Can’t get any worst omg! Please get them idiots off the TV screen they are toxic to good humans. Poor views 😢 on everything they argue about. How can any right minded show pay these idiots with no education? Just a bunch of make up gone to waste. Lol . I rather view a chicken farm they sound

  5. Lol 😆 we all agree. They need to be erase from TV permanently 😒 USA is better then their stupid views. Go woke go broke.

  6. 😆 🤣 😂 😹 gone 4good now go view your know what! G.W. hair wearing idiot. Look as stupid as she sounds omg 😲 from Hollywood to the view to the back of the line FIRED!!!!!! UNEMPLOYED!! PLEASE DO NOT PUT THIS IDIOT ON ANOTHER TALK SHOW, and that fake so called wanna be from the Bronx Lawyer. Omg, she couldn’t last one day living in the Bronx…nyc . Another idiot!

  7. Since I have the power over my remote I have chosen not to watch these hateful and rage filled woman unfortunately their poor behavior overflows into other media and I am still subject to it. There will be no crying here if they are cancelled .

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