‘The View’ Ana Navarro Calls Producer Cheap As Set Falls Apart

The View co-host Ana Navarro called out a producer of the show for being “cheap” and admitted that she’s a bit of a bully sometimes. This conversation occurred on the show’s Behind The Table podcast. Continue reading to see what prompted these comments from Ana.

The View Set Is Falling Apart Behind The Scenes

To start the podcast on Friday, producer Brian Teta revealed to listeners that the set of The View had actually just started falling apart. “Pandemonium is breaking loose here in the podcast studio, the set just collapsed behind us, almost hit me,” he told listeners.

He added that Ana didn’t even flinch, despite pieces of the studio collapsing. Brian then joked that he didn’t understand why things were falling apart the way they were. The View is an extremely successful talk show and they have plenty of budget.

Brian then made the mistake of asking Ana Navarro why she thought the studio was falling apart and she had a quick answer. “I think you’re cheap,” she responded.

Ana Navarro from The View - YouTube, The View

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Ana continued, “You need to spend more money. We have these panels that are barely hanging on for dear life.”

Later on in the episode, Ana came up with a scenario about publishing a book. She asked Brian if he would have to review it before she published it. He agreed that he would, in fact, have to look at it first.

“Is that part of my contract?” she asked. To which Brian Teta laughed and stated that he’d have to check her contract. “Every time you’re here I have to have the contract out so I could take a look,” he said.

Producer Brian Teta Targeted During The Podcast

It seemed like Brian Teta is regularly a target on the podcast. On Friday’s episode, Ana Navarro told him,  “The only reason I agree to do this podcast is because I get to bully you. I think that’s why Joy [Behar] does it, too.”

The episode before Friday’s featured another co-host from The View, Sunny Hostin. During a conversation, Brian talked about how he often has to “yell” at the hosts of the daytime talk show to stick to their allotted time.

Sunny Hostin from The View - YouTube, Good Morning America

Image: YouTube/Good Morning America

Sunny was quick to respond saying, “I don’t like when you play the music, I think it’s rude.” Brian Teta often has to start playing music to cut away to a commercial break, even though the hosts are continuing their conversation.

She continued by saying that she didn’t feel like someone as prestigious as her fellow co-host Whoopi Goldberg should be cut off. “Whoopi is an EGOT and you’re playing her off like it’s the Oscars,” she said. “Rude.”

Brian simply laughed and asked what else was he supposed to do when it was time to go to break. “I could get a siren,” he laughed.

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