‘Duck Dynasty’ Jase & Missy Robertson Hit With Devastating Loss

Duck Dynasty Missy and Jase Robertson - Instagram/Missy Robertson

Missy and Jase Robertson have been hit with a devastating loss following a violent storm at their home in Tennessee. The Duck Dynasty stars shared details of the terrifying damage to their home on Instagram. Keep reading to see what Missy and Jase shared about the horrifying storm and what it has cost them.

Missy & Jase Robertson’s Farm Hit With Cat 3 Tornado

This week, several tornadoes ripped through the United States, causing serious damage and loss. Missy and Jase Robertson were two people impacted by the storms. A tornado tore through their farm in Tennessee. On Thursday, May 9, they shared details about what happened to their farm on Instagram.

Recounting the ordeal, Missy wrote, “Last night our Tennessee farm took a direct hit from a Cat 3 tornado. It actually hit about 30 seconds after @thecolerobertson drove into the driveway. He got out of his car and looked straight at it coming up over our back hill.”

Duck Dynasty Missy and Jase Robertson - Instagram/Missy Robertson
Instagram/Missy Robertson

Cole, their youngest son, wasn’t going to be able to make it to the safe room, which is located at the far end of the family’s home. So, he made the decision to go into the house to take cover from the storm.

The Duck Dynasty star continued explaining what happened, writing, “He turned to run inside and was forced to the ground by the winds. He was able to get up, run inside and dive into the bathtub where he covered his head and listened to glass shattering and trees falling on the house and all around him. He escaped completely unharmed.”

The Duck Dynasty Stars Are Thankful It Wasn’t Worse

In her post, Missy Robertson praised her son for his quick thinking. Aerial photos of the property showed that Cole Robertson would likely not have made it to the safe room. Apparently, several large trees fell between his car and where the room is located in the garage.

Aerial View of Duck Dynasty Star's Home - Instagram/Missy Robertson
Instagram/Missy Robertson

What is even more bizarre is that Missy and Jase weren’t even home in Tennessee when it happened. The couple were in Louisiana. At the same exact time the storm was hitting their home in Tennessee, they were praying over a meal.

“We had no idea what was happening,” she continued the Instagram caption, “We’re thanking God for His protection over Cole today and our sweet neighbors who also took the hit. Please pray for those who are injured, missing and the families that lost loved ones.”

Photos of Duck Dynasty Star's Home Following Tornado - Instagram/Missy Robertson
Instagram/Missy Robertson

Concluding her post, the Duck Dynasty star shared that the damage to their farm was “extensive” and they have started trying to clean things up. However, it “will be a long process.” For now, Missy Robertson said, “this mama is completely thankful for God’s mercy over one of my most valuable possessions.”

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