‘Duck Dynasty’: Justin Martin Shares Adorable Update On Twins

Justin Martin- Instagram

From A& E’s Duck Dynasty, Justin Martin and his wife, Brittany are so happy with their adorable little family. The couple welcomed their twin sons, Waylon and Jackon four months ago. Since then, they have been sharing a lot of special moments with their fans on social media. During the Super Bowl, Justin took the time to share one of the most adorable pictures that his fans have ever seen. His fans were quick to tell him just how big this made them smile too.

The Most Adorable Photo

Duck Dynasty star, Justin Martin loves his sons and shared a great photo of them this past Sunday while he was watching the Super Bowl. He took to his Instagram account to share what has to be the most adorable photo! Martin captioned the photos of his sons, “We would like to interrupt the Super Bowl coverage to celebrate these big rascals being here for 4 months today. Your mom and dad sure love you, boys.” Of course, as soon as his fans saw this post, they wanted to share their love.

Justin Martin- Instagram
Justin Martin- Instagram


Justin’s fans were quick to tell him just how cute his sons are. Most of them wrote how they are a “blessing from God” and they just knew how much he loved them. One fan added, “Jackson looks like you and Waylon looks like your wife.” Another chimed in with, “They are so cute! I just love the colors and their faces. Mom and dad, you’re doing great!” Overall, Justin got nothing but love after sharing this photo. It is clear that he is a very proud papa!

Duck Dynasty Babies

The twins are not the first babies from Duck Dynasty. In fact, cast member Sadie Robertson, was so happy when she welcomed her children into the world. After appearing on the show, then on Dancing with the Stars, and then authoring a memoir, she is another member of the cast who loves being a parent. Justin Martin even gave her some love on social media when she gave birth to her children. This show really was nothing but a family experience for the cast and viewers.

Of course, fans of Duck Dynasty were pretty sad to see the show go, but we can still keep up with the cast on social media and their other projects. Justin Martin has a YouTube channel that features many of his family members and their wives. After seeing the picture of Waylon and Jackson though, fans really do hope to see more of them. Perhaps one day Justin will feature them on his channel.

Justin Martin- YouTube
Justin Martin- YouTube

Do you love seeing Justin and Brittany’s sons on social media? Would you like to see more of them? Let us know what you thought of the Super Bowl interruption in the comments below.

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