Sadie Robertson Writes On Painful ‘DWTS’ Experience In Her New Book

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Dancing With The Stars is a great experience for many, but not for everyone. For Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson, it’s a bit painful for her to think about.

Although Dancing With The Stars Season 19 aired several years ago, a lot of it is still fresh in Sadie Robertson’s mind. Keep reading to learn more about the impact it had on her.

Sadie Robertson discusses how DWTS had a really harsh impact on her social life

The 24-year-old reality TV star just put out a book called, Who Are You Following. Us Weekly recently reported on how Sadie wrote about feeling utterly alone and isolated during her time on DWTS. In the book, she describes how her social media following exploded after ABC put her on the show. However, that didn’t do anything to save her real-life friendships.

“I stopped getting invited to things. I got booted from our lunch table. … But all of that fame meant nothing to me when I felt invisible to the ones I really cared about,” Sadie writes in her book “A hundred thousand likes on a picture does nothing for you when you have no one to hang out with. To the outside world, I had everything, but inside I was missing something I greatly desired — friendship.”

During her time on the show, Sadie and her partner Mark Ballas came in second place out of 13 couples. They finished just behind Witney Carson and Alfonso Ribeiro.

Dancing With The Stars/ABC

However, it should be noted that Sadie was just 17 at the time. She was still dealing with high school on top of her Duck Dynasty fame. It’s not hard to see how it became difficult to juggle all of that at once.

Life goes on for the reality TV star

Even though Sadie Robertson had a lonely DWTS experience, it seems like she’s put that behind her. If you follow her on Instagram, it appears she is living her best life with her little family.

Today, Sadie is married to Christian Huff and they have a little girl named Honey James.

Sadie Robertson/Instagram

The new year didn’t quite start off well for the family. In January we reported that Sadie had COVID-19 and the flu at the same time. On top of that, they had a rat invasion in their home. However, it seems like the situation is much better now.

Were you surprised to learn any of this about Sadie Robertson’s experience on Dancing With The Stars? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

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