Sadie Robertson’s New Year Started Out ‘Disgusting’

Sadie Roberton's New Year Started Out Disgusting [Screenshot | YouTube]

Normally, Sadie Robertson is positive on social media. She loves to share inspiring and hopeful posts with her fans. But the Duck Dynasty star kept it real this time around. She admitted that she had a rough start to the new year.

Sadie was hit with a double whammy. She started off the new year by coming down with “flurona,” which is a combination of influenza and COVID-19. Sadie also had a rat invasion inside her home. Read on to learn more about the “disgusting” start to her year plus more.

Duck Dynasty star talks about the “interesting” start to her new year

Over the weekend, Sadie posted a new clip of her husband Christian Huff with their daughter Honey James Huff. She looked at them through the glass window and filmed their cute interaction. Christian wore hunting gear with a baseball cap. Meanwhile, their little one waved as she wore a sweet sweater and bow in her hair.

“tbh the start to this year has been quite interesting!” Sadie Robertson began her post. “We will share more about it in our vlog soon. It started off by me getting FLURONA (flu + covid) (yikes) so obviously I was so bummed to miss passion but I was so thankful that God gave me the strength to still preach my message to an empty room despite being so sick.”

Christian Huff And Sadie Robertson [Credit: Sadie Robertson/Instagram]
[Credit: Sadie Robertson/Instagram]
When Sadie and Christian returned home from Atlanta, they got a frightening call about a rat invasion in their home. They were not able to return home as planned. Sadie said that it’s “day 4 of not being able to get them and being out of our house.” She admitted that it was “disgusting” and they’re both “exhausted from getting over sickness and being out of our home.”

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant joked that watching Ratatouille isn’t the same anymore. Still, Sadie is remaining positive about this year. She concluded her post with a powerful message. “Lord, help us to consider it joy!” she added.

Sadie Robertson was diagnosed with COVID-19 before

This isn’t the first time that she’s tested positive for COVID-19. She shocked fans when she ended up in the hospital. In October 2020, she tested positive for coronavirus while she was pregnant with her little girl. Since Sadie normally updates on a regular basis, she explained why she was so quiet lately.

“Life update: I’m not going to lie, this has been one of the most challenging things. I got COVID-19 and ended up getting very sick,” Sadie Robertson wrote at the time. “I know everyone experiences COVID differently, but wow these symptoms are wild. I’ve definitely struggled through this one!”

The reality star had to rely on her faith more than ever. Sadie and Christian welcomed Honey on May 11, 2021. She previously shared how grateful she was for everything she went through last year. Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Sadie Robertson.

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