‘Family Feud’ Contestants Banned After Inappropriate Behavior?

Steve Harvey - YouTube/Family Feud

Two contestants on Family Feud got carried away when they were asked to join the host, Steve Harvey, on stage. The clip, showing an uncomfortable-looking Steve, was shared on social media with the words “BANNED.” So, what happened on the game show that led these two woman to act the way they did? Keep reading to find out.

Steve Harvey Gets Trapped Between Two Contestants On Stage

There have been plenty of moments where Steve Harvey can’t believe what a contestant says or does on television. However, a recent interaction with two women on Family Feud had Steve praying to God.

During the Fast Money round, Steve asked for the Reischel family to send up two people from their team. The family chose to send Jenni and Jessie to join Steve center-stage to attempt to win $20,000.

The Family Feud host called over to the family, saying, “Hey, you ain’t gonna believe it, Jenni, but you did it!”As Jenni and Jessie approached the stage, Steve Harvey announced, “We’re playing. We got Jenni. [This is] Jenni’s dream come true.”

Steve Harvey - YouTube/Family Feud
YouTube/Family Feud

Clearly excited, Jenni started dancing on stage and seemingly could not control herself. On the other side of Steve, Jessie joined in on the dancing, sandwiching the Family Feud host between them. It was clear that Steve was starting to get annoyed by their dance moves. He ripped his hand away from Jenni’s and tried to get out from between them, but the two contestants didn’t let up.

Slowly, Jessie worked her way over to Steve, grinding her behind on him. Jenni joined on the other side and Steve froze, looking uncomfortable. He crossed his eyes and mimicked praying, mouthing the words “Help me, Father.” The two women continued to dance on.

Family Feud Fans Hysterical Over The Clip

A clip of the crazy moment was shared on the Family Feud Instagram page. At the end of the video, a stamp covered the clip reading “BANNED.” The Reel gained plenty of attention from fans. It was captioned, “#SteveHarvey: “Give me two people.” For Fast Money?? Nope. Dance-off! Jenni FTW!! #FamilyFeud.”

Viewers at home thought it was hilarious. One person commented, “May not have that opportunity again. That was on their bucket list. Live your best life.” Another fan said that the two women looked like they “waited their whole life for that moment.” A third viewer admitted that she couldn’t stop laughing at the Family Feud clip, adding, “Steve you are so awesome. So cool about it.”


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Several commenters brought up Steve Harvey’s wife, Marjorie. One fan joked, “Marjorie bout to appear any second.” Another viewer reminded everyone that it was a “family show,” while laughing about Steve’s reaction.

Family Feud airs on weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for times.

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