‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy StormBags Sandless Sandbags

StormBags Sandless Sandbags from Shark Tank

There is a huge variety of products this week on Shark Tank, including the StormBags Sandless Sandbags. They join a listing that includes a Latin food item, a human compositing service, and even some men’s leggings. However, when it comes to the sandbags, these are meant to help people during the worst storms.

Here is what you need to know about StormBags Sandless Sandbags on Shark Tank this week.

What are StormBags Sandless Sandbags on Shark Tank?

The idea behind the StormBags Sandless Sandbags on Shark Tank is that they are more convenient and efficient than regular sandbags for floods and protection during storms. They are both lightweight and user-friendly and only weigh one pound when they are dry. However, when they get wet, they expand to about 30 to 35 pounds each bag. They work fast too, as they can absorb four gallons of water in under five minutes. This eliminates the need for sand.

StormBags Sandless Sandbags in action

These are also certified as useful during emergencies by the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, and they were even tested by the Salt Lake City Bomb Squad and National Guard. They are made of biodegradable burlap and lined with non-toxic contents. StormBags Sandless Sandbags can be dried out and stored to be re-used after just two weeks of hot dry conditions. They will also remain at full size indefinitely in case of longer storms or flooding.

Where to buy StormBags Sandless Sandbags from Shark Tank

Anyone who wants to learn more about the StormBags Sandless Sandbags from Shark Tank and possibly buy them to protect your own home, visit the company website at stormbag.co. The first thing the site wants you to do is sign up for emails and exclusive offers. Once past that decision, the prices are as follows.

StormBags Sandless Sandbags

One box of StormBags runs $79.99, and there is also an option to pay for it in four interest-free installments of just $19.99 using Shop Pay. This bag comes with 10 StormBags in the box. There is also an option for Wholesale StormBags. This runs $1,250 for a box of 250 of the StormBags, possible for businesses to buy and sell in their stores. At the moment, there are no stores listed to buy these outside of the website.

The company also offers a StormTec Door Protection Kit that will help protect homes and businesses from wind-driven rain. They come in different sizes for different doors. A single-door kit runs $54.99. A double-door kit runs $89.99. A garage door kit is $129.99 for a single-wide and $219.99 for a double-wide.

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What are your thoughts on the StormBags Sandless Sandbags on Shark Tank? Do you think it was a good investment for the sharks this week? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. What a great idea. I’m thinking of buying them because I live on the water and can certainly not lift those sandbags!

  2. Verry smart !!! The old way takes 2 people. and you have load them in your truck and then carry them to the spot you need them. Thats a lot of work…this is awesome. Would to see a product that is about 2,1/2″ by3′ to put around my plants

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