Why Isn’t A New Episode Of ‘Shark Tank’ On Tonight?

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Why isn’t Shark Tank on television this week? After several weeks of viewers seeing some of the most inventive and creative products pitched to the sharks, there won’t be anything this week to quench their thirst. Here is the reason that it isn’t on this week and when it should return.

Why isn’t a new episode of Shark Tank on tonight?

The past few weeks of Shark Tank have seen everything from new food products to smoothie machines and even a company that turns deceased loved ones’ ashes into decorative stones. However, anyone wanting to see more of these groundbreaking products get some money to help them reach a wider audience, there will be a wait before a new episode arrives on ABC.

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While Shark Tank will not be on TV this week, it is not likely to last long. The reason that ABC is preempting the hit reality TV show is because of the NBA playoffs. Instead of showing the sharks helping investors get more money for their ventures, ABC will air the Cleveland Cavaliers and New York Knicks first-round NBA playoff game.

The NBA playoffs are just getting started and will play on through the entire month of May as well. The NBA Finals start on Thursday, June 1, so expect a lot of shows on specific channels to get preempted. That is because this year’s NBA playoffs will air on TNT, NBA TV, ESPN, and ABC.

When will Shark Tank be back with new episodes?

New episodes of Shark Tank should be back next week on ABC. That is because next week’s NBA playoff schedule includes the possibility of a Game 6 (if needed). Those games will air on ESPN and the times are to be determined. For ABC, there will be afternoon games this Saturday. Nothing else is scheduled on the network until Saturday, April 30.

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It also does not appear that the second round of the NBA playoffs will interfere with Shark Tank either. Friday, May 5, and May 12 show only ESPN games. There are no games currently scheduled for May 19. May 26 will be on ESPN. This means Shark Tank should not be affected by the NBA again until the NBA Finals in June.

Fans with DVR recordings can still go back and watch the past few weeks to see some really innovative products. Last week saw the pitching of honey bars, body-inclusive clothing, unique Mexican dip and chips, and a portable dollhouse. The week before saw everything from freeze-dried breast milk and parting stones for solidified remains to travel bags and cooking spices.

Are you sad to miss out on Shark Tank this week or will you be tuning in to watch the NBA playoffs? Let us know your thoughts about the missed episode and what you hope to see in the future on the show in the comments below.

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