‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy Honey Bunchies Honey Bars

Shark Tank is back this week with a new episode. In this episode, the creators of Honey Bunchies Honey Bars are pitching their business. They are hoping to get a bite from one of the sharks to help push their business to a higher level.

Here is what you need to know about this new product from Shark Tank.

What are Honey Bunchies Honey Bars from Shark Tank

Honey Bunchies Honey Bars is a family-owned business started by Ed Payne, a former Captain in the United States Air Force. He started the business with his wife Jennifer, daughter Kendra, and son Edward. Since starting the business of gourmet honey bars, they have thrived. However, they are looking for more from Shark Tank.

Ed wanted to create a snack similar to what his mother used to make him decades before from scratch. However, he had no recipe and ended up experimenting until he got it right. This resulted in the Honey Bunchies Gourmet Honey Bars, which is named after his wife’s nickname (Honey Bunchie).

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There are two flavors of the bars – Peanut Pecan and Coconut Almond. As the name hints, the main ingredient is honey, which accounts for about 42% of the weight. The Peanut Pecan bars are also packed with nutrients and energy. The ingredients include honey, sunflower kernels, milk, butter, tapioca syrup, peanuts, pecans, and vanilla. The Coconut Almond bars have honey, unsweetened coconut cream, sunflower kernels, almonds, tapioca syrup, coconut shavings, and vanilla.

Ed started out selling the bars locally by approaching retailers. He finally hit it big when Whole Foods picked up the product. What started in Colorado eventually spread across the United States and eventually Internationally.

Where to buy Honey Bunchies Honey Bars from Shark Tank

Shark Tank viewers who are interested in Honey Bunchies Gourmet Honey Bars can find them on the company website at honeybunchies.com. However, according to the website, there has been a name change and they are now called Bon Bee Honey. Whether that is because of the Shark Tank deal or not is unknown.

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The cost on the website is $38.99 for 12 bars of either Peanut Pecan or Coconut Almond. The site also mentions that Peanut Pecan is Gluten Free, Soy Free, and Grain Free. Coconut Almond is Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Peanut Free, Soy Free, Grain Free, Paleo, and Plant Based.

Anyone looking at getting them from stores can find them at various retailers, including 7-Eleven, King Scoopers, Kroger (coming soon), Natural Grocers, and Whole Foods Market. Locations may vary by area.

Does Honey Bunchies Honey Bars on Shark Tank look like something you would want to buy? Was it worth the investment from the sharks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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