When Will Theresa Caputo’s New Show Return To Lifetime?

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The Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo, has a new show on Lifetime. This show is Theresa Caputo: Beyond The Readings and it takes fans behind the scenes of her lucrative business. However, the show is taking a break and many fans are wondering when it will return.

The good news is that Theresa has checked in and let fans know what is going on with her new show.

Where Is Theresa Caputo: Beyond The Readings?

Beyond The Readings is a new show in the Long Island Medium franchise. This is a companion series where Theresa offers fans never-before-seen footage and follow-up interviews with clients from the main series, Raising Spirits.

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Raising Spirits sees the Long Island Medium back. In this series, she shows off more of her life than ever before. That show shows Theresa spending time with her friends, kids, and grandkids. This is more of a look at her life, although there is still time for her to do reading to help other people.

Theresa Caputo: Raising Spirits follows Theresa’s 10th year of touring for live shows. It includes her intimate sessions, including those with celebrities, as she helps loved ones carry on without the departed.

For Beyond The Readings, the behind-the-scenes footage from that show plays out. However, that series is on hold right now. The good news is that it is only off for the next two weeks. Theresa posted on Instagram that the behind-the-scenes show will return on June 3.

Theresa Caputo Fans Debating Her Big Hair

With Theresa Caputo back on TV with two different Lifetime shows, fans have a chance to see the Long Island Medium once again, and her giant hair. This allows two sects of fans to debate her big hair, and whether they like it or hate it.


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On her new shows, Theresa’s hair is bigger and gaudier than ever. Some fans said that her hair went out of style decades ago and others said it distracts from the episodes. However, others defended her and said that fans should stop talking about her hair and let her be who she wants to be.

This also leads to the reason that Theresa keeps her giant hairstyle. Fans deduced that she keeps the giant hair because it is overboard and is a way to capture people’s attention. No one will miss her when they see her and it has become almost a signature for the reality TV star.

Are you watching Theresa Caputo: Beyond The Readings and Raising Spirits on Lifetime? Do you enjoy the reality TV stylings of the Long Island Medium? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I have watched long island medium since the beginning . the show is great. Theresa is genuine. she helps folks get comfort from loss of loved ones.

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