‘Shark Tank’ Sharks Salary Explained

Lori Greiner - Mark Cuban - Kevin O'Leary - Barbara Corcoran - Robert Herjavec - Shark Tank, YouTube

If you have ever wondered what the stars of Shark Tank make in salary, we’re going to break it down for you.

Shark Tank is one of the most unique television shows being aired today. It gathers together some of the titans of the business world with people trying to make it big with their own unique ideas. Fans who watch the show know that they’ll receive both an education and a peek into what the next great entrepreneurs are cooking up from their garages, home offices, and bedrooms.

Fans who watch the show may not know how much the Shark Tank moguls make.  Before looking at how much they make on the show, let’s take a look at how much these business titans are worth. Even if your expectations are high, they may not be high enough.

The Shark Tank Sharks Are Worth A LOT

Barbara Corcoran with her short hair and no-nonsense attitude has the smallest net worth of all the sharks. As the founder of the Corcoran Group real estate company, she’s amassed around $100 million. Both she and Lori Greiner run their businesses and make extra cash doing motivational speaking for entrepreneurs. Lori herself is worth around $120 million as the Queen of QVC and a respected expert in the world of patents.

Shark Daymond John is best known for his clothing line FUBU. While it doesn’t have the same clout it used to, Daymond is still worth an estimated $350 million. Fellow shark Robert Herjavec is often seen by fans as the kinder, gentler shark. His tech world experience has netted him approximately $200 million. Kevin O’Leary, the shark to impress, is also a tech titan and has a net worth of around $400 million. Kevin also got his start on tv with the Canadian version of Shark Tank, known as Dragon’s Den.

Mark Cuban - Daymond John - Shark Tank, YouTube
Mark Cuban – Daymond John – Shark Tank, YouTube

The shark with the greatest net worth is perhaps one of the most recognizable: Mark Cuban. As the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark boasts a whopping $4.5 billion net worth.

Shark Tank Shark Salary, Explained

Variety recently did a roundup of salaries for some of television’s biggest stars. In their estimate, the sharks earn approximately $50,000 per episode. While that seems like a drop in the bucket compared to their overall net worth, it adds up. With an average of 15 episodes per season, the sharks could earn $750,000 per season.

Mark Cuban - Daymond John - Kevin O'Leary - Lori Greiner - Robert Herjavec - Shark Tank, YouTube
Mark Cuban – Daymond John – Kevin O’Leary – Lori Greiner – Robert Herjavec – Shark Tank, YouTube

The show involves the sharks putting their own money on the line. It makes sense they would need to make a decent amount to make up for the risk they engage in. On the other hand, sometimes their investments bring them a big return. Remember Scrub Daddy, the friendly-faced household sponge? That was a Shark Tank original, now worth an estimated $300 million. All Lori Griener had to drop was $200,000 to ride that product to the top.

Did you know the Shark Tank sharks made that much per episode, or did you assume it was higher? Let us know which shark is your favorite in the comments. Don’t forget to catch Shark Tank on ABC Fridays at 8 PM EST.

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