Mark Consuelos Openly Discusses His “Birthday Suit” During ‘Live’

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With the Live With Kelly And Mark show, you never really know what to expect. Furthermore, the two co-hosts, Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa, are both spunky and spicy. Adding to the dynamic, they aren’t just on-screen co-hosts, they are married, ride or die, partners in crime. However, with the close-knit duo, it can steer off into the NSFW arena at any moment. Lately, the married couple have been flirting with each other more and more during the Live show.

Undeniable Love

Recently, Kelly Ripa talked about how before she met Mark Consuelos, he was in a relationship with a woman whom he “knew it wouldn’t last.” Since Mark didn’t see a future with the other woman, he took the path of telling her they were just “too different.” Kelly mentioned he had just been passing time with her. But after the breakup, Kelly then met Mark. Admittedly, Mark said after they met, he “fell mortally in love with her.” Kelly, surprised by the word choice, said, “Mortally?” Which was a funny way to refer the their “undying love.” Mark jokingly clarified that it “was going to kill him.” The two married each other in 1996. Together, they have three kids: Michael, 26, and Joaquin, 20, and Lola, 22.


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Mark Consuelos Keeps It Spicy!

Notably, the charismatic couple can’t help but drift into the NSFW zone. Mark Consuelos got a little racy during a morning show episode of Live with Kelly And Mark. Enthusiastically, Mark is ornery and witty and keeps his co-host and wife, Kelly Ripa, on her toes during Live filming.

In the Live with Kelly And Mark opening Mark wished Kelly a happy birthday. Saying excitedly, “It is my wife’s birthday today!” But, Kelly insisted it was instead their niece Maddie’s birthday. Elaborating, “23 years ago, we stopped celebrating my birthday, and started celebrating my niece Maddie’s birthday.”

Mark Consuelos Presents His “Birthday Suit” To Kelly Ripa

Spiceilly, Mark announced that he wore his “birthday suit” for Kelly while smiling very big. Motioning to the suave black suit he was wearing, he continued with the play on words. Most recognize the saying “birthday suit” as a euphemism for the term wearing nothing or being naked. But, Mark specifically used it as a double entendre but pointed innocently at the literal suit he was wearing. While Kelly was onto what he was doing, she politely thanked Mark for wearing his “birthday suit.” Joining in the fun she played along and agreed she “loved his birthday suit.” As Kelly celebrated her birthday on air, she was welcomed to the new age of 53 on October 2.

The two are always trying to have fun and keep the audience entertained. But, you just never know where they will take the show.

What do you think about the couple’s dynamic on the Live With Kelly And Mark show? Are you enjoying the direction they have taken the show? Do you think Mark Consuelos’ joke was appropriate? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

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