Mark Consuelos Endures Extremely Strange ‘Stump Mark’

What can make a fun game turn weird? Unquestionably, people…people can make anything weird. During the September 18th episode of Live With Kelly And Mark, there was a grueling interaction with the contestant for the Stump Mark segment of the show. No matter the effort that Mark Consuelos or Kelly Ripa made, things were awkward.

Starting Strong With Kelly Ripa And Mark Consuelos

Unquestionably, the show started very strong. Mark Consuelos returned from being out sick last week. Surprisingly, Ryan Seacrest was back on the show to revisit the crew. With a familiar face returning to the Live With Kelly And Mark show, it was going well. Ryan Seacrest discussed the next chapter of his career. Moreover, he will be following in Pat Sajak’s footsteps as the new host of Wheel of Fortune. Meanwhile, Mark and Ryan went head to head in a challenge before the show took a turn towards strange.

The Stump Mark Debacle

In August, the show’s trivia game got a rebranding. Specifically, it took the stamp of Stump Mark in honor of the new co-host Mark Consuelos. During the trivia game, fans call in and then attempt to keep Mark from figuring out which statement is true between two statements. Upon a guest caller outwitting Mark, they get a T-shirt and a mug with Kelly and Mark’s faces across them.

Within the September 18th show, caller, Lisa Wickersham, said her two statements: “I have 3 dogs” and “I have 3 kids.” However, when Mark and Kelly tried to ask questions, Lisa refused to answer them. Seemingly, reasonable requests from Mark and Kelly such as the names and types of dogs were intentionally avoided by her. Lisa would reply that if she answered those Mark Consuelos would win. Kelly interjected jokingly saying, “We’ll ask the questions here, Lisa.” Instead, Lisa dodged the questions by laughing and saying “I don’t know” and “I can’t tell you that.” 

Trying to move past the evasion, Mark Consuelos finally said, “Are you married, Lisa?” Pushing past saying, “Can I talk to the husband, please?” However, even that received a sidestep saying that things were getting “a little too personal.” Feeling more and more like a sham, Mark responds, “This is weird!”

Kelly Gets On Board With Torturing Mark Consuelos

As the interaction became increasingly more absurd, Kelly Ripa couldn’t help but giggle and say, “I like it!” Kelly took the, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!” approach and started to enjoy the irritation it was causing Mark Consuelos. Kelly even added, “This is the guy version of, ‘Can I speak to your manager.'”

Finally, Mark just gave in and requested a coin, to which Kelly joked in the ridiculousness, “What’s a coin?” Although Mark didn’t get a coin, he finally made an uninformed 50/50 guess and called it good. Kelly Ripa said, “I’d be more excited for you Lisa, but that was a really terrible way to play the game.”

Fans Are Dumbfounded

Even so, fans’ opinions surfaced on social media remarking it was weird to them as well. One wrote: “‘Stump Mark‘ was weird and painful to watch today lol.” Another defending Mark said, “Jeez she didn’t want to answer anything!!”

While Lisa Wickersham may have technically won, everyone seemed stupefied by the avenue she took to get there. Mark Consuelos even said, “It may say ‘Congrats’ but I’m not going to say congrats. It says you won a mug, but I’m pretty much saying you stole the mug.” He also made a vague threat to do something to the t-shirt before sending it out.

What do you think about Lisa Wickersham’s method of winning? Was this a fair “stump?” Do you think Mark Consuelos should have disqualified her? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Bonnie Kaiser-Gambill

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