Niall Horan Reveals How Blake Shelton Helped Him On ‘The Voice’

Niall Horan on The Voice / YouTube

Niall Horan has returned for his second season as a coach on The Voice. At the same time, The Voice moves on without Blake Shelton for the first time since the show premiered. As the new season begins, Horan has talked about how Shelton got him ready for the show.

Here is what Niall had to say about Blake’s assistance on The Voice.

Niall Horan on Blake Shelton’s quiet help on The Voice

Last season, Blake Shelton set out on his farewell tour on The Voice. At the same time, Niall Horan joined the show and set out to prove he was up to the task. He did more than that, with Niall winning in his first season on the show. Gina Miles beat Blake’s Grace West in the final two. It was a tough win, with Kelly Clarkson also back and coming in third place with D. Smooth.

Niall Horan & Blake Shelton in The Voice promo / YouTube

Now entering his second season on The Voice, Niall credits Blake for his success last season and his preparation for this season. Niall, 30, said in a recent interview that Blake, 47, was like a dad to him on the show. Niall added that they put new coaches next to Blake in their first season so they could watch and learn from the veteran cast member.

When it comes to sitting next to Blake Shelton last season, Niall said that helped him more than almost anything. He said watching Blake was “a real honor.” He also said the two developed a bond and he said it was funny to see Blake’s Southern sense of humor behind the scenes. However, it wasn’t anything Blake said that helped Niall.

“I learned a lot from even just watching him. Nothing that he said. Just watching how he does it. I think that made a lot of difference to how I’ve been in the show this year” (via NBC Insider). Blake agreed, saying that he feels Niall will take his seat on the show and he is “passing the baton on to my son.”

This season of The Voice the least experienced in years

Niall Horan returns to The Voice as the defending champion, but this is only his second season on the show. The biggest name this season is Reba McEntire, but this is her first season on the show. John Legend is the longest-running coach this season, entering his eighth season and Gwen Stefani is back for her seventh season. However, they both took off last season.

Niall Horan on The Voice / YouTube

Interestingly, Niall Horan’s one win equals the same wins by John Legend (who won in Season 16) and Gwen Stefani (who won in Season 19). If Niall wins his second season, he will have more wins than anyone currently on the show. Last season, Kelly Clarkson came in with four wins, and Blake Shelton with eight wins. It looks like it is time for The Voice to find its newest star, and that might be Niall Horan.

How do you like Niall Horan on The Voice? Do you think he has what it takes to replace Blake Shelton? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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