How Reba McEntire Plans To Dominate ‘The Voice’

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Reba McEntire is expected to bring a whole lot of fun to season 24 of The Voice. The country music icon is slated to take over Blake Shelton’s coveted chair this fall as a full-time coach. If that wasn’t exciting enough, it looks like she has developed a strategy of sorts to win the popular singing competition. What does she have up her sleeve? Keep reading to find out more.

Reba McEntire has big plans

Reba has huge shoes–or cowboy boots–to fill when she takes a spin in Blake Shelton’s former chair on this upcoming season of The Voice. After all, he has had the most wins out of all the coaches. However, she isn’t about to let all pressure get to her at all. It appears that she will fit right in very quickly. She has already taken a liking to Blake’s swivel seat when she paid a visit on set right before he left the show for good. Reba McEntire has also received plenty of advice from the former coach, whether she liked it or not. Now she is ready to get her coaching duties in gear, which also means winning her first season of The Voice.

According to Music Mayhem, Reba, 68, said that she has come up with her own strategy to make sure that happens. She joked that it’s “unlike anything the show has ever seen.” She will go against fellow coaches John Legend and Gwen Stefani, who are both returning to the show. Niall Horan will also be coming back for his second season. Blake Shelton became best buds with Niall sitting side-by-side and calling each other father and son, respectively. In addition, Gwen Stefani is Blake’s wife, so Reba is going to have to up her game.

One thing that Reba McEntire is shooting for is to step onto the set every week in her best attire. She said that she has noticed how nice Gwen’s outfits are, so that is one area where she needs to step up her game.

Reba wants to razzle-dazzle with Gwen

Everyone knows that Gwen Stefani razzles and dazzles in her best outfits. There is usually no shortage of sequins and shiny things when it comes to her attire. Now, Reba McEntire knows it as well. The two women may not only compete for talented singers, but they may also fight for the top spot for the best dressed as well. However, it’s all in good fun.

Reba is certainly no stranger to amazing fashion. In the fun preview for the new season of The Voice, the redhead is seen swiveling her new chair dressed in a gorgeous blue pant outfit. The pants and jacket were chock-full of sparkles. She appears to be stepping up her game already.

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