‘Yellowstone’: Kevin Costner’s Fight Over John Dutton’s Death

Kevin Costner - Yellowstone -YouTube

This year, Yellowstone fans have been through a rollercoaster ride. Thanks to Kevin Costner’s messy divorce, fans know that he is off of the show. Moreover, the series will end with Season 5 B, which has yet to be filmed.

However, a new report reveals that there were negotiations in July with Costner possibly returning for Season 5 and beyond.

What happened?

Kevin Costner Yellowstone -YouTube
Kevin Costner Yellowstone -YouTube

Kevin Costner Tried To Negotiate His Way Back To Yellowstone

Over the summer, Kevin Costner battled with Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan over coming back and John Dutton’s death. However, the final result may not make fans of the series very happy.

Matthew Belloni, who wrote in Puck Daddy, shared the latest news on this rollercoaster. First, he revealed that early in the summer, Kevin Costner wanted to do right by his character John Dutton. He was “begging” to return to the series for Season 5B to properly finish the story arc and make the fans happy. Costner’s reps insisted that a phone call with the series creator would make everything all good again.

However, in early July, when the two spoke, things did not go as planned. Sheridan revealed he wrote the scripts for 5B but was “willing to scrap” them if Kevin returned to the top Paramount series. That seems like a good start.

However, once the Field of Dreams star started talking, things went downhill really quickly. Allegedly, Costner asked for more money and wanted to work fewer hours. But those demands turned this friendly call into a disaster.

Taylor Sheridan Yellowstone -YouTube
Taylor Sheridan Yellowstone -YouTube

Kevin’s final demand was “the right to review, approve, and potentially veto every Sheridan script.”

This final demand was a dealbreaker for Taylor Sheridan. He was not interested in anyone interfering with his scripts. The Yellowstone creator is the sole writer for the series.

While this seems like a hefty demand, the Dances With Wolves star did have a “moral death” provision in his contract. That means he had a say if he was unhappy with how John Dutton died. Also, Sheridan recently told The Hollywood Reporter that Costner told him what was wrong with Season 2. The showrunner admitted to the publication that Costner was right.

Although the door seemed shut, there was still a crack open and the possibility of Costner returning to portray Dutton. Then, something happened to firmly lock that door shut!

Kevin Costner Yellowstone -YouTube
Kevin Costner Yellowstone -YouTube

Costner Messy Divorce Revelation Shuts Door On Return

The recent Yellowstone exposé insists that Paramount was still interested in Kevin Costner making a return as John Dutton. However, his recent courtroom testimony for his messy divorce from Christine Baumgartner has guaranteed that he will not return.

When Kevin Costner was on the stand, he revealed he was not returning to the series. In addition, he told them that he would likely have to sue Paramount over the money he was owed.

This has angered Paramount, and they allegedly do not want him back. Meanwhile, fans are the ones losing out.

Yellowstone fans, what do you think of this latest development?

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