How Could Taylor Sheridan Kill Off John Dutton In Final Episodes Of ‘Yellowstone’?

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Yellowstone will be ending with Season 5 this fall. The final six episodes will complete this part of the story. As Kevin Costner was reported to be leaving after this season before the cancelation, it seems inevitable that his character John Dutton will die.

What are some of the possible ways Taylor Sheridan could kill off the hero of Paramount’s flagship series?

How Could Taylor Kill Of John Dutton In Final Yellowstone Episodes?

Now that Paramount has announced that Yellowstone is ending, what are some of the ways that John Dutton could die along with the series? According to the Dutton Rules podcast, there is a cornucopia of ways to hill off the patriarch of the biggest cattle ranch in the United States.

Firstly, hosts Billy Dukes and Adison Hanger suggest that Kevin Costner’s character started the series with cancer. Perhaps his cancer could come back?

Another possible idea is that law enforcement could get wind of the pile of bodies that went to the “train station.” Perhaps the Dutton patriarch could die in a “blaze of glory.” This sort of death is reminiscent of old Westerns. Of course, this is the type of scene that could perfectly complete a series like this.

Next, there are quite a few people who would like to take the senior Dutton down. This starts with his adopted son Jamie. Jamie has already committed patricide with his biological father. This would seem like a perfect story balance to kill his adoptive father.

These experts on all things Dutton also believe that Beth could kill John by accident. Again, Taylor Sheridan could find a perfect balance in his story if Beth accidentally killed her father, just as she accidentally killed her mother.

Theories outside of the show have also suggested that Jamie may try to kill Beth. Perhaps John tries to save her life, taking his own? This could take the mercurial Beth into a whole other type of tailspin.

Lastly, what if John dies off-screen? Fans may not see what happens to him, but hear what happens to him through grief and storytelling.

Kevin Costner-Yelllowstone-
Kevin Costner-Yelllowstone-

Kevin Costner Doesn’t Want John Dutton To Die

In the past, Kevin Costner revealed that he does not want to see his Yellowstone character, John Dutton III, die. Back in September of 2022, Costner revealed to Extra TV that he doesn’t want his beloved Yellowstone character to die. Yet, he does understand that if his death drives the “story,” he understands.

In this interview,9 the Field Of Dreams star also revealed that he would let Taylor Sheridan know when he was done with the series, especially if things start to repeat themselves.

One thing is for sure, Yellowstone is ending with Season 5. Right now, the remaining six episodes of the season should start filming in August, with a November premiere. However, will John Dutton die? You will have to watch to find out.

How do you think John Dutton should die?

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