Josh Lucas Has Positive Take On ‘Yellowstone’ Kevin Costner-Taylor Sheridan Drama


There has been a lot of negative press about the Yellowstone feud between Kevin Costner and Taylor Sheridan. However, Josh Lucas, the actor who portrays the younger John Dutton on the hit Paramount series, has a different take on this standoff. He should know, right?

What did he have to say about the standoff that is dominating the press?

John Dutton Forever Connects Taylor Sheridan To Kevin Costner

On Saturday, PaleyFest featured a Yellowstone Q&A panel that included Josh Lucas. At the event, he spoke to US Magazine about the recent highly publicized feud between the show’s creator Taylor Sheridan and star Kevin Costner. His insights were unique and valueable.

Actor Josh Lucas has a distinctive point of view because he is portraying a younger version of Kevin Costner’s iconic John Dutton. In addition, he is acting out the words written by Taylor Sheridan. Therefore, his take is unique.

He thinks that there is a bond between Taylor and Kevin and the common thread is John Dutton. Taylor has written the words, and Kevin is the actor to portray him.

Taylor has become and Kevin has become John Dutton and John Dutton is as filled with Taylor Sheridan as it is with Kevin Costner. And so for me it’s finding those connective tissues.

Next, he explains that the final product is what fans see on screen and that is what they love. They love and admire John Dutton.

So the audience sees that, and it’d be very easy to dismiss anyone playing John Dutton except for Kevin Costner.

Josh believes that the final result means that an audience will not accept anyone but Kevin Costner as the matriarch of the Dutton family. Most all of, he describes this chaos as part of the artistic process.


Yellowstone Creator And Kevin Costner ‘Put Pressure On Each Other’

Furthermore, Josh Lucas revealed he believes that Taylor Sheridan and Kevin Costner put pressure on each other. Moreover, the end result is a fantastic character and series and fans just love it.

He explained that “the responsibility of a huge movie star and a brilliant writer who are putting a lot of crazy love and pressure on each other and the show to make something that people love. There’s a reason why people love it.”


What Is Happening BTS At Yellowstone?

For the past two months, there has been a flood of information coming from the Paramount camp. Out of nowhere Yellowstone fans learned in February that they did not start filming the series because Kevin Costner had limited availability to film the final six episodes of Season 5.

Costner’s lawyer, Marty Singer, countered this attack on his client by calling the rumor that he was only available for a week “lies.”

Other reports reveal that Costner’s camp is angry that Sheridan is busy with so many other series. They have revealed that the scripts for the original series were not ready, and filming was delayed.

But, if Josh Lucas is correct, all of this conflict and chaos will only lead to a great script and John Dutton’s story.

Yellowstone fans, what do you think of what Josh Lucas said?

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