Kevin Costner Suing ‘Yellowstone’ Producers Over Money He’s Owed?

Kevin Costner, Yellowstone - YouTube

Kevin Costner’s life has been chaotic in 2023. Firstly, his messy divorce from Christine Baumgartner has revealed many things about his personal and professional life. This includes his role as John Dutton on Yellowstone.

Now, there is news that the Field Of Dreams star may be taking legal action.

Why is Kevin Costner taking legal action against the Yellowstone producers?

Kevin Costner, Yellowstone - YouTube
Kevin Costner, Yellowstone – YouTube

Kevin Costner Is Back In Court Talking About Yellowstone

Recently, Kevin Costner went to Santa Barbara Court over money issues related to his impending divorce. Back in July, the courts awarded Christine Baumgartner Costner $129,755 a month. But, now they returned to court because she wanted a $46k increase based on his income.

Her attorneys were focused on his multi-million per season Yellowstone pay that was lost when he was fired from the series.

What did Kevin Costner recently reveal?

Kevin Costner, Yellowstone, used with Parmount's permission
Kevin Costner, Yellowstone, used with Parmount’s permission

Kevin Costner’s Negotiations With Yellowstone Failed

According to Deadline, on Friday, Kevin Costner was asked a lot of questions about his Yellowstone pay. Firstly, Baumgartner’s attorney John Rydell asked about Season 6. Was the 68-year-old actor “offered” Season 6?

On the stand, he stated that in contract negotiations, he was offered a contract for $24 million for Seasons 5, 6, and 7. After noting that they had some creative differences, Costner revealed that “We did negotiate.”

I tried to break the logjam. They walked away.

Next, he stated what frustrated him the most. “Somewhere along the line, they wanted to change things.” Subsequently, he discussed how Season 5 would be divided up into two parts. This was dramatically different from how Taylor Sheridan filmed the first four seasons. Now, they have to film twice a year. “A show I was doing only once a year I was now doing twice.”

Most of all, this was going to disrupt Kevin Costner’s plans to film Horizon: An American Saga, the four-movie epic dream project that he has spent over 30 years trying to make. Because he had to film Yellowstone Season 5, Part A, he had to delay his movie schedule. He is personally financing it, along with two investors.

Therefore, he advised the producers that he was only available about two weeks to film the remainder of Season 5. Despite the confirmation that no scripts have been written for Part B, this impasse ultimately ended his Yellowstone job.

Kevin Costner - YouTube
Kevin Costner – YouTube

Is Kevin Costner Suing Yellowstone Producers?

After all of these details were recounted, Kevin Costner revealed that he would likely be returning to court. His reason has to do with the second half of Season 5. The actor was paid $12 million for the first half of Season 5. Also, it is assumed he would be paid the same for the second half.

But, he was not paid this money. Instead, he told the court that he would likely be suing the Yellowstone producers over that $12 million.

I will probably go to court over it.

After his ex’s lawyers grilled him about his Yellowstone pay, the court lowered Kevin Costner’s monthly child support amount to $63,209 a month.

Yellowstone fans, do you think Kevin Costner should sue the show’s producers?

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