Was Julie Chrisley’s Mother Involved In Her & Todd’s Bank Fraud?

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Julie Chrisley and her husband Todd are behind bars for tax evasion and bank fraud. As fans know, the family recently hired a new legal team. And, they are pushing forward with the appeals process. With Savannah being their mouthpiece, she argues her parents do not deserve to be behind bars. Fans, overall, are pretty split on the issue. Many argue there is a mountain of evidence supporting their guilt. Others, however, want to believe everything Savannah Chrisley says is true.

One topic of conversation that comes up every now and then on social media is Julie Chrisley’s mother. Pam Hughes. Namely, there are a lot of fans who wonder why Julie’s mother wasn’t more involved in the charges against them considering her direct involvement. More specifically, some fans question if Julie Chrisley’s mother should ALSO be behind bars.

How exactly was Pam Hughes involved in their bank fraud? Keep reading for the details.

Was Julie Chrisley’s Mother Involved In Her & Todd’s Bank Fraud?

In a thread on RedditChrisley Knows Best fans call attention to Julie Chrisley’s mother. Namely, the fact that she was VP of a bank that gave Todd and Julie a loan. The bank allegedly approved Todd and Julie for a loan without properly completing the application process. Moreover, it is also being reported that Todd and Julie Chrisley only paid back a tiny fraction of the loan. The loan her mother helped her secure.

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This bank that Julie Chrisley’s mother worked for has reportedly folded. Fans, however, make it a point to clarify that Todd and Julie did not cause the bank to fold. Turns out, the bank was just absorbed into another company.

Should Her Mother Be Behind Bars?

The OP of the Reddit thread questions if Julie Chrisley’s mother should also be behind bars for her involvement in their bank fraud. Chiming into the discussion, one fan agrees Julie’s mother should go “straight to jail” for her connection to the fraud.

One fan penned: “You would think that it wouldn’t be against company rules for a teller to handle a family members loans. Maybe they didn’t know Julie was Pam’s daughter since Julie would be using her married name. Maybe too much time has gone by and they can’t charge her.”

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“From what I have read she was VP of operations. I wondered if they made up documents to present to her as well?” Another chimed in.

A third added: “So she was a bank employee who processed a loan for a family member? WTAF? Yes she needs to be in prison too.”

Others chimed in to add that banks tend to “hush up” this type of scandal to save face. So, the bank could have protected Julie’s mother from blame.

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Did you know Julie Chrisley’s mother was a VP at a bank that gave her a loan? Do you think this meant Pam Hughes was involved in Todd and Julie’s bank fraud? Should she also be behind bars? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more reality TV news updates.

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