What Did Todd & Julie Chrisley’s Neighbors Really Think Of Them?

Todd and Julie Chrisley in a side by side feature - YouTube

In a new Reddit thread, fans of Chrisley Knows Best wonder what impressions Todd and Julie Chrisley made in their local community.

From the comfort of their own homes, fans got to know the Chrisley family thanks to their reality TV series. As well as what was posted on their social media. And, what media outlets shared about them. Fans, however, don’t get to see what Todd and Julie Chrisley look like when the cameras weren’t rolling.

Presently, the Chrisley family is making headlines a lot because of their new legal team. Likewise, their children updated on their situation behind bars also stirred a lot of chatter. It, however, may have been Savannah’s posting on Todd’s Instagram that really got people talking.

Amid all this chatter, one fan wonders what Todd and Julie’s community thought of them. Have any neighbors come forward with opinions on what the reality TV stars were like in real life?

Todd Chrisley - Julie Chrisley Instagram
Todd Chrisley – Julie Chrisley Instagram

What Did Todd & Julie Chrisley’s Neighbors Really Think Of Them?

Given Todd and Julie Chrisley’s current situation, fans have established a lot of opinions on the couple. For example, it has been reported that Todd and Julie Chrisley skip out on paying a lot of their dues including paying their lawyers. The question is: What were they like before landing in the spotlight? And, what were they like when the cameras weren’t rolling?

Acknowledging that Todd and Julie Chrisley did move around a fair amount, one fan wonders what their neighbors really thought of them.

The fan asked: “I know Todd and Julie moved a lot but what did their community think of them? Did word get around that todd and julie didn’t pay those who did work for them? Did the small community banks wonder why wealthy celebrities like Todd and Julie portrayed themselves to be would only want to borrow money from small community banks?”

Todd and Julie Chrisley throwback photo - YouTube

Responding to the thread, one fan admitted living in Roswell, GA, back in 2005-2006. Living about five miles away from the Chrisley family. Now, this fan clarified this was before they were reality TV stars.

I would hear the old timers bad mouthing the Chrisleys about how they f**ked over this guy or that guy that they knew on a job, be it landscaping or painting or putting up ornaments. I didn’t say anything but would chuckle to myself because my wife was Todds personal assistant and I knew what a sketchy POS he was. So long story short they were locally famous grifters long before they became famous for grifting.

Fans Were Shocked To Learn The Truth

Now, the individual making the claim above included a photo of a local joint where the chatter and gossip happened. Fans admit they were surprised to learn the community knew the family as grifters before they landed in the reality TV spotlight.

Other fans speculated it was entirely possible the family moved so much because they burned bridges within the community.

Julie Chrisley - Todd Chrisley Youtube
Julie Chrisley – Todd Chrisley Youtube

Overall, however, fans thanked the individual who lived near the Chrisleys nearly two decades ago for sharing this information with everyone.

Does it surprise you to learn Todd and Julie Chrisley were badmouthed around town prior to their fandom? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news.

Allie Johnson


  1. Exactly what I would expect to hear. Conniving people don’t change, they just expand their field of victims and larger attempts to defraud. Finally they went for the gold and were caught by the government. This is a perfect exactly what tv producers want is scummy people that they can capitalize on.
    Hopefully they won’t be allowed back on tv. We don’t need to see such a low life family.

  2. First thing I’d like to know is where is the 30 million dollars?? And do they have to pay it back to whoever they defrauded?

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