Was Smoking Gun Against Todd & Julie Chrisley Illegally Obtained?

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Breaking silence via her father Todd Chrisley’s Instagram, Savannah shared a website titled Chrisley’s Defense. The website included all of the court documents for fans to dig into the case on their own time and come to their own conclusions. As fans dig into these court documents, Todd and Julie Chrisley’s “infamous warehouse” has come up as a topic of conversation again.

For those who have followed this story from the beginning, Todd and Julie Chrisley’s “infamous warehouse” is what most agree was the final nail in their coffin. The smoking gun for the case against them.

The real question everyone is asking is simple. Did the government obtain the documents inside the infamous warehouse legally or illegally? Todd Chrisley, his wife Julie, and the entire family insists there was never a search warrant and the evidence was obtained illegally.

What do the court documents say and what are fans saying about it? Keep reading for the details.

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Was Smoking Gun Against Todd & Julie Chrisley Illegally Obtained?

Looking at the court documents recently shared on Reddit,  revenue employees and the Sheriff’s of the state had permission to get into the warehouse. The goal was to seize items of value. Items the government could sell to pay off the $424,000 tax debt. The tax debt the couple owed.

During this seizure, documents were found the government later used as proof of the Chrisleys’ crimes. Proof of tax evasion and fraud. The argument being made is that these documents were obtained illegally. Voicing their opinions in a Reddit thread, fans of the Chrisley family have mixed feelings about it.

Chrisley Knows Best | Top 10 OMG Moments | on USA Network, YouTube
YouTube, Chrisley Knows Best

Some fans note the document allowed the search and seizure of items to be sold to repay the tax debt. The document, however, was not a search warrant. And, it did not grant permission to seize items (such as the documents) for other reasons. Some fans (and the family) argue the evidence should not be admissible in order because there was never a search warrant.

On the side of justice, the individual who started the thread notes that the discovery is no different than if they had found drugs or a dead body in the warehouse. Additionally, the OP mentions that revenue employees and sheriffs would have called proper authorities upon such a discovery.

On the side of the Chrisley family, some fans are arguing the right to seize items to sell never gave anyone permission to shift through and read documents. Check out the Reddit thread below to see the document and discussion:

The infamous warehouse – here it is – read the first comment
by u/Then_Pineapple_8524 in ChrisleyKnowsBest

Is The Family To Blame?

Some fans believe Todd and Julie Chrisley should blame themselves. They kept documents allegedly confirming tax evasion and bank fraud. Fans argue that if they had thrown away the documents, they wouldn’t be in this mess.

Many believe that the couple’s arrogance is the reason they received such a lengthy prison sentence. Furthermore, they refused to admit guilt and show remorse. So, the judge threw the book at them.

Do you think the government obtained these documents illegally? Share your thoughts after taking a look at the documents. And, let us know in the comments down below.

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  1. Their should have been a search warrant before they searched anything of their property since it wasn’t it shouldn’t be used in court. The judge an the state of Georgia an the IRS knows that.

  2. I think it’s got to do with racism is why their in prison. It’s totally ridiculous that they were sent to prison. If, in fact any part is true against them, they should have not been sent to prison but let go and ordered to pay what’s owed in matter of time. what good is it doing anyone them being in prison. Certainly not the ones they owe if any. LET THEM OUT, WE HAVE A CRUEL JUSTICE SYSTEM.

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