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Julie Chrisley Implies Committing Fraud Was An Accident?

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One of the biggest reasons Todd and Julie Chrisley were collectively sentenced to 19 years behind bars is because they’ve refused to admit to any guilt or show even an ounce of remorse for their crimes. As TvShowsAce previously reported, many Chrisley Knows Best fans are frustrated that this couple — that claims to be committed to their faith — refuses to repent for their crimes. In their defense, some fans recognize that they likely have a legal team advising them not to admit any guilt as it will hurt their chances of an appeal. And, as Savannah explained on her podcast, her parents had to be sentenced before they could appeal the verdict.

During a recent interview, Todd Chrisley’s wife Julie claims that any criminal activity involving fraud she was involved in was “unintentional” on her part. Chrisley Knows Best fans couldn’t overlook the fact that this meant Julie Chrisley was implying that IF she did commit fraud it was a complete accident on her part.

Todd - Julie - Chrisley - YouTube
Todd – Julie – Chrisley – YouTube

Is Julie Chrisley in denial or is she a victim?

Chrisley Knows Best fans have all sorts of opinions on Todd and Julie’s current situation. Overall, most fans agree the couple really should have admitted their guilt to get a reduced sentence for their crimes. A lot of fans believe that Todd went to court because of his ego. These fans are calling Todd a narcissist for allowing it to go to a jury. These same fans speculate Todd was under the impression the jury would be starstruck by him and his wife and would never find them guilty.

Fans are also pretty divided when it comes to Julie Chrisley’s involvement. There are a lot of people who believe Todd was the mastermind behind the crimes. These fans speculate that Julie Chrisley likely signed paperwork without realizing what her husband was doing. This theory, however, is shot in the foot by reports that Julie Chrisley’s mother allegedly worked at one of the banks Todd and Julie are accused of defrauding.

Todd - Julie - Chrisley - YouTube
Todd – Julie – Chrisley – YouTube

During the sentencing, it appeared as if the plan was to throw Todd under the bus and beg the judge to let Julie off because it wasn’t her crime. Fans, however, think that was just a last-ditch attempt to make sure both of Grayson and Chloe’s parents/grandparents didn’t end up behind bars for the remainder of their childhood.

Is it possible Julie Chrisley accidentally committed fraud? Let us know what you think of this interview in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Chrisley Knows Best.

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