Kody Brown Disrespects Ysabel With One Piercing Action

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Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown has disrespected his daughter, Ysabel with one piercing action. The twenty-year-old has distanced herself somewhat from her father. She moved to North Carolina for college and then came home to live with her mother, Christine Brown in Utah. Yet, she faced something extremely scary in 2020 and her dad was not there but he showed how tone deaf he is with another slap in her face. Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Disrespects Ysabel With One Piercing Action

When Ysabel Brown was in her early teens, she was diagnosed with scoliosis. She did everything she could to avoid surgery, basically giving up her life to do special exercises. By 2020, the pain was so awful and her curve was so extreme that she opted for surgery. Her mother arranged it and found the best doctor but her father, Kody Brown, was against it. Covid was running rampant and he didn’t understand why she couldn’t wait. The truth was she was in too much pain and it could not wait. Then, he said he could not go with her to the surgery in New Jersey because he could not leave his little kids (his two small ones with Robyn).

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They would have to isolate for a total of six weeks so she went with her mother and her sisters but it always stung. Not just to Ysabel but to viewers who thought this was so cruel for him to miss her major surgery. Then, on the Sunday, August 27th episode, Kody Brown proudly took his daughter, Aurora to get her ears pierced. They did it alone because of the pandemic. Fans immediately went crazy that he could do this but not be there for Ysabel.

This continued on a Facebook page about the show. One person added: “What gets me is, that he went with Aurora to get her ears pierced ( during Covid) but couldn’t go with Isabel for major surgery?” Many could not help but agree.


The one thing that fans and sister wives have pointed out was that Kody Brown has favorites. He shared that his kids with Robyn Brown always obeyed and listened to him. However, his other children were not as obedient. So, maybe the reward for being that way is getting more time with dad. In any case, this did not bode well for Kody whatsoever and it just added to the list of cruel things he did during the pandemic. One of them is not attending Ysabel’s life-changing surgery.

Did you think of Ysabel when Kody was taking Aurora for her piercings? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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