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Gwendlyn Brown Dotes On Her Pretty Sister

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Gwendlyn Brown is taking time to dote on her beautiful sister. The Sister Wives star is close to many of her siblings, which is no secret. Her sisters recently came together to share in her happiness as she celebrated her engagement. However, there is one sister that seemingly stands out from the crowd. Yet, who is it? Read on for more details.

Gwendlyn Brown Dotes On Her Pretty Sister

Though you should not pick favorites, Gwendlyn Brown has openly said that Ysabel Brown is her favorite. She shared this information during Season 17 when Ysabel was planning to move. Her younger sister was packing up to college in North Carolina while Gwen stayed behind in Flagstaff. As this was happening, Gwen stated that she would miss her so much and that she was, in fact, her favorite sister. They have since celebrated many milestones and Ysabel comes to see Gwen often.

Gwendlyn Brown/IG
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Now, Gwendlyn Brown is shouting out Ysabel once again. Ysabel shared a handful of photos and Gwen posted one to her Instagram story. In it, Yasabel has her hand on her face, wearing a denim coat, and is slightly smiling. She is taking a selfie, her colorful phone case visible. Below the photo, Gwendlyn wrote: “MY SISTER IS SO PRETTYYY.” It’s clear to see that their bond is still as strong as ever and that they truly adore one another.

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[Credit: Instagram]
The original snap of Ysabel came from a series of pics she took for their sister, Aspyn’s birthday. She included a photo of their younger sister, Truely, and some yummy-looking coffee. Their mother’s former sister wife and close friend, Janelle Brown liked the photo and fans left so many positive comments. “You look so much like your mom! Beautiful ladies!” one wrote. Another added: “My goodness Ysabel you are so grown up now and you look so like your mum (very lovely) ❤️.”

She Should Be Modeling

Fans also said that Ysabel should be a model. Not only is she stunning but she is insanely tall and photogenic. Yet, this has been going on for some time. Even Janelle Brown’s daughter, Savanah suggested she should model last March. “I think you should become a model. You’ve got the legs for it,” she had written below a photo of her sister at the time. Plus, Gwendlyn Brown has always complimented her sister in the best way possible. Out of seventeen siblings, Ysabel is the stand-out for Gwen so she must be pretty amazing. She has always been a bright light on the show, never letting life get her down. Definitely Christine’s daughter.

What do you think of the bond between Gwendlyn and Ysabel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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