Kody Brown’s Most Selfish Response To Ysabel’s Scoliosis Surgery

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Kody Brown had the most selfish reaction to his daughter, Ysabel’s scoliosis surgery. It was beyond the fact that there was a pandemic going on and he needed to be home. There was something that the father of eighteen said in his confessional which may have been overlooked at the time. However, going back and seeing what was running through Kody’s mind only further proves he only thinks about himself. Read on for details.

Kody Brown’s Most Selfish Reaction To Ysabel’s Scoliosis Surgery

When it was revealed that Ysabel Brown’s scoliosis had gotten so bad that she would require surgery, her mother was right there for her. Christine Brown handled obtaining the insurance and they found the best doctor who just happened to be located in New Jersey. Unfortunately, this was all happening as Covid was going on and really, in its earlier stages. When Kody Brown learned of Christine and Ysabel’s plan to get the surgery in September 2020, he was not happy. He felt that it was dangerous but more so, he would not be going with them.

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Kody Brown would have to be away for six weeks to quarantine, for the surgery, recovery, and a final quarantine. He did not want to do that to his younger kids so he tried to get Ysabel to change her mind. Yet, he was not around enough to see the extreme pain that she was in. She did get the surgery but Reddit caught him saying something that was not kind at all. Because he could not really be around Ysabel, Kody Brown said this: “If she’d hurry up and recover it’d just make me feel so much better about it.”

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Kody Brown acts as if Ysabel had any amount of control over her recovery from such an intense surgery. Fans immediately chimed in on his most selfish response. “Don’t forget when he- the man in his 40s/50s- made his teenage daughter promise she wasn’t mad and wouldn’t be mad later. It was always about Kody and never about Ysabel,” one wrote. Another added: “We all know that if Kody needed surgery to remove a splinter he would expect his ENTIRE family to hold bed side prayer vigils the whole time.”

The Vacation

Kody Brown referred to the surgery as somewhat of a vacation. He felt that Christine Brown just wanted to go so that she could get away. Fans remembered that and pointed it out. “Yes, hopefully she will recover quickly from that vacation,” one joked. That was piggybacked by: “The vacation to exotic New Jersey.” However, there were fans who called Kody a lowlife and hoped that Ysabel would never speak to him again. Now, she seems to be thriving after she left North Carolina to move to Utah to be with her mother and her sisters. As long as she is living her best life, Kody can just keep being himself.

Do you think Kody Brown’s reaction was by far the most selfish response possible? Was the fact that he did not even go worse? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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