‘ABP’ Gabe Brown Shares Optimism Despite Sky Falling

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Alaskan Bush People fans love Gabe Brown because he always seems a bit way out there compared to his siblings and now he shared about optimism despite the sky falling down on him. The Discovery Channel star sometimes posts the oddest things on social media and on occasion he later deletes them. However, he’s certainly never boring. What’s he up to now? Scroll down to find out.

Gabe Brown Presents A Fun Personality On Social Media

Sometimes, the “Wolf Pack” sibling just seems to share photos because he’s having some fun. Really goofy sometimes, he even shares rather steamy photos. Mind you, he doesn’t always leave them up. Mostly, though his entertaining pictures show him just playing around. Actually, some fans feel that he’s still a little kid inside his hunky body. Naturally, that used to make it rather hard to troll him. Not that he doesn’t get slapped on occasion.

Gabe Brown shocked a lot of people when he started wearing eyeliner. In fact, it seems that photos of his facial makeup didn’t sit well with a lot of people. Judgments by presumably perfect people poured in on his own birthday post. And, that seems like a pity, because Discovery Channel fans who met him in real life, say that he’s a great guy. Anyway, he seems unfazed by trolls and from time to time, he still shares himself with eyeliner.

Gabe Brown The Happy ABP Guyliner

This week, the entertaining cast member of Alaskan Bush People shared a very simple photo of himself on Instagram. Shirtless, he looked as if he might have taken a shower. Smiling into the camera, he said in his caption, “Happy is my default, doesn’t mater (sic) if the sky’s falling I’m’a be smiling regardless. There’s always something to be grateful for. God bless y’all.”

'ABP' Discovery Alaskan Bush People Gabe Brown Instagram Shares Optimism Despite Sky Falling
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Gabe Brown seems determined to not let life get him down. Actually, so many people struggle with finding happiness. Those viewers who saw the photo can only seem to smile. Perhaps the trolls gave up and went away. One of them wrote, “Loooove the guyliner!!! You do you!!! ❤️🙌.”

Discovery Fans’ Comments Seem Nice

That Gabe Brown is appreciated for spreading optimism and happiness became evident in the comments. One follower wrote, “…you look great just as you are. I love that you are always smiling. I agree, look on the bright side of life.”

Another ABP fan said, “Looks like your (sic) in the shower and found your happy place …its called a special shower!😮😂😍👏.”

What do you think of Gabe’s latest happy photo? Did you think his optimism in the face of falling skies is the way to face life? Let us know in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more Alaskan Bush People news.

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