Savannah Chrisley Threatens To Expose Lindsie’s ‘Vile’ Texts

Savannah Chrisley - Unlocked on YouTube

Chrisley Knows Best fans know that Savannah Chrisley and her half-sister, Lindsie don’t get along, and now threats arrive to release Lindsie’s “vile” texts to the public. It comes after Savannah said that Lindsie accused her of something on her podcast. So, she revealed that her dad didn’t want Lindsie at the oral appeal hearing in Atlanta.

Savannah Chrisley & Lindsie Have A Lot of Differences

With Todd Chrisley’s daughters, there are a lot of differences. For example, Lindsie grew up in a broken home. Meanwhile, it seems as if Todd favored Savannah over his first daughter. However, one thing they have in common, is that both of them seem to like taking their problems to social media. Actually, they probably learned that from their father, who is out of pocket by $755,000 in settlements. He complained about an IRS employee on Chrisley Confessions, and he lost her lawsuit.

Lindsie and Savannah Chrisley - Unlocked - YouTube
Lindsie and Savannah Chrisley – Unlocked – YouTube

Savannah Chrisley claims that Lindsie Chrisley worked with the government to get her mom and dad arrested. Actually, it’s an old story, and nobody really knows if it was Lindsie or her brother Kyle. Or, if it even happened. Anyway, their enmity continues, and a lot of it happens on social media for anyone to see. Seething with anger, the threat of dumping “vile” texts came from Savannah on social media this week.

Lindsie Chrisley Allegedly Sent Savannah ‘Vile’ Texts

Chrisley Knows Best fans who follow Savannah saw her stories where she ranted about her sister. Later, one video of her ranting arrived on Reddit. There, the OP said:

Savannahs rants about lindsie pt 3

Savannah Chrisley via Reddit
Savannah Chrisley via Reddit

In her video, Savannah Chrisley said that she was “trying to be the bigger person here.” The Chrisley Knows Best alum also said about Lindsie Chrisley, “But the next step is going to be posting screenshots of text messages.” Elaborating, she added:

[The texts] were recieved and it was us guys going back and forth….because I [told] Lindsie that she was not welcome at the appeal. My parents didn’t want her there, via my grandmother. Then, I got the most vile text messages from her. Calling me names, calling me stupid, and everthing else. So, she’s the one who tries to make it public.


Chrisley Knows Best Fans React On Reddit

In the comments section on Reddit, a lot of people threw shade at both Lindsie and Savannah Chrisley. Here is a small sample of them;

  • You don’t do this kind of drama in front of the world. They all seem to have their unique forms of crazy.
  • I think its Lind’s insecurity or guilt that has her sideways and can not just sit down with Sassy and say what needs to be said, beat the hell outta each other, or they need to find a way to just move on.
  • Sassy can’t keep anything private. Drama Queen.
  • Well, you are stupid, your parents are vile and what the F have you done to your face? NOBODY CARES ABOUT ALL YOU CHRISLEY’S and your drama Todd Jr. You all are a joke and if anything embarrassing yourselves. GO AWAY. And, are you seriously driving and videoing your stupid rant you self righteous twit?
  • Linds calling others fake 😵‍💫 then again Linds claims she’s never pooped, farted, and gets waxed every week. She’s a psycho who is…obsessed with her son and controlling everything around her.  Maybe she needs to lay off pills and booze long enough to seek help.

What are your thoughts about Savannah Chrisley and her half-sister, Lindsie taking their fight to social media? Do you think they should keep it behind closed doors? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Chrisley Knows Best family news.

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