Lindsie Chrisley Texts Leaked, Exposed Her ‘Cheating’ Ways?

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Lindsie Chrisley is being exposed for her lying and cheating ways. Her ex-boyfriend Thomas Mollura is using some of their private communication to fight against her requests for a restraining order. He is arguing that they were still together long after Lindsie claims their relationship ended. Keep reading to see what the texts reveal.

Thomas Mollura & Lindsie Chrisley Got Into A Physical Altercation

Thomas maintains that they were together “on and off” from February 2022 until July 2023. In August 2023, Lindsie filed for a temporary restraining order from her ex and now she is requesting that the order be made permanent.

She claims that he has shown up to her house uninvited on several occasions and that he has threatened her. Lindsie Chrisley also says that she has not made any contact with Thomas Mollura since they “split in October 2022.” Although they weren’t together, she says that he continued to call her repeatedly, including multiple instances where he called nine times in one day.

Despite her claims that they split up in October 2022, Lindsie Chrisley sent several flirty text messages to Thomas Mollura through July 2023.

Lindsie Chrisley | Youtube
Lindsie Chrisley | Youtube

“The parties briefly ended their relationship after the above-described incident in October 2022, but then shortly after were in contact again and began meeting and communicating in person on a regular basis,” Thomas’s response to Lindsie Chrisley’s request for a restraining order stated.

The incident being referred to is a knock-down drag-out fight the couple had in the car. Thomas Mollura said that he was injured in the fight after Lindsie kicked him several times with her six-inch stiletto heels. Despite the intensity of the fight between the two, they resumed their relationship shortly after.

Did Lindsie Cheat On Trent Weiser With Thomas?

However, between May and June 2023, Thomas said that he found out that Lindsie was in a relationship with someone else. This was around the time she started dating Trent Weiser. “Ms. Chrisley expressed uncertainty about being with Mr. Mollura or with her current partner but continued to communicate with and see Mr. Mollura,” the court filing read.

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Instagram/Lindsie Chrisley

Even though she was seeing someone else, she continued to send flirty text messages and initiate communication with Thomas Mollura. She sent photos of herself in her bikini and led him to believe they could still be together.

“Until July 15, 2023, the parties were in regular, mutual contact. Upon the relationship deteriorating, Ms. Chrisley became uncomfortable with the potential of her current boyfriend becoming aware of her relationship with Mr. Mollura as well as her public following,” Thomas claimed.

Days before Lindsie Chrisley officially asked Thomas Mollura to stop contacting her on, she sent him texts stating that she wasn’t sure they were “completely over.” His attorney also shared that she told Thomas that she didn’t want to be with anyone else.”

He was accused of stalking and assault, two things Thomas does not take lightly. In a statement, he said, “I categorically deny the allegations made by Lindsie. I uphold the highest respect for all individuals and vehemently oppose such behavior.”

“It is crucial that all accusations of this nature are approached with the utmost seriousness, regardless of the gender of the accused or the accuser,” he continued. “It is disheartening when false claims are purported, potentially to divert attention from one’s own questionable actions or to seek personal benefit. Such situations can detract from the real and pressing issues faced by genuine victims of abuse.”

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