‘Match Me Abroad’ Renewed For Season 2, Details

Susan-Match Me Abroad-YouTube

Match Me Abroad has officially been renewed for Season 2. The popular TLC reality series follows several singles attempting to find love in another country. Yet, they do not go it alone as they all work with matchmakers to achieve their goals. So, what is known about the upcoming season? Read on for more details.

Match Me Abroad Renewed For Season 2, Details

Fans really enjoyed following Match Me Abroad’s cast to Colombia, Morocco, and Prague. So much so that TLC renewed the series for a second season. The end of Season 1 saw a lot of ups and downs. Chad left angry and upset with his final match as she did not want to leave Colombia so soon for America. Harold became a fan favorite with his quirks and sweet demeanor. Though he wanted to propose to his match, Michaela, she just wanted to take it slow and get to know him. So, they decided to remain friends and see what the future would hold.

Mark-Match Me Abroad-YouTube
Mark-Match Me Abroad-YouTube

Stanika fell in love with Noureddine and they have plans for her to return to Morocco. Nathaly made no connections but stayed in Colombia while Mark was stood up by the match he really connected with. Susan found a man at the end and he said he would visit in NYC but she met someone in another country. Finally, Michelle and her final match, Pavol are enjoying exploring. That being said, the show became a success. Now, according to Deadline, Match Me Abroad has officially been renewed for Season 2.

Katarina-Match Me Abroad-YouTube
Katarina-Match Me Abroad-YouTube

The ratings for its premiere season were extremely high, across TLC and streaming services. Therefore, it only made sense to renew it for another season. The Match Me Abroad Season 1 finale alone was the number one in TV for women ages 25-54 as well as 18-49. So, it is clear that the popularity spans all age ranges. Finally, out of all of the shows that the network debuted in 2023 thus far, this one was the most successful.

Who Will Be Back & When?

It has not been announced when the series will be back but Harold did share that Season 1 was filmed well over a year ago. However, with the success of Season 1, time may be of the essence. As to who will be returning, it is unclear if the show will want to keep following some of the success stories or get a whole new batch. Stanika Banks made it clear she does not want to move on to 90 Day Fiance but she never said anything about a Season 2.

Are you excited that there will be a Season 2 of Match Me Abroad? More so, who would you like to see come back for another round? Let us know in the comments below.

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