‘Match Me Abroad’ Harold Davis Asks For Help To Fund Michaela’s Cancer Treatments

Harold 'Match Me Abroad'

Anyone following Match Me Abroad knows how lovable Harold Davis and Michaela are in the show. They are sweet and seem to have lots of chemistry between them. As such, their relationship moved quickly and they had a fast track to moving forward. But unfortunately, it seems there may be something bigger than both of them standing in the way. Harold Davis has pushed out a call for help for his good friend Michaela as she battles cancer.

A Blossoming Relationship

During Match Me Abroad Season 1, Harold Davis met Michaela in Prague. With the help of matchmaker Katarina, Harold and Michaela went on a blind date. Surprisingly, they ended up liking each other right off the bat. As a result, Harold wanted to propose after just two dates. Conversely, Katarina tried to convince him to pump the brakes a bit.  However, Harold Davis saw the window of time he had in Prague closing quickly and couldn’t resist acting on it.

As Harold moved forward with his plan to ask Michaela to be his girlfriend, she sadly said it was too soon for her to commit to that. Michaela accepted Harold’s promise ring during the August 6 finale. Harold Davis said, “I guess next step would be, we work on communication, we talk more, we can video chat.”


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Harold Davis Learns Of Michaela’s Unfortunate Health Problems

Harold Davis gave followers details about some challenges that Michaela is facing. “Life is more unexpected than fiction… I fell in love with this woman on camera. On the last day of filming when I was to meet with her off-camera for the first time, she had to cancel. From an all too brief 1 min phone call she told me “I am at the hospital about to undergo surgery”. I heard tears in her voice as she said “I have ovarian cancer and won’t be able to have children”. Her voice quivers as she tells me “I want my family”… I am stunned.”

Empathetically, he also shared that she learned she has stomach cancer and will be on chemo treatments every 14 days for the rest of her life. He expressed concern about not knowing how long that truly is. “We continue to text back and forth, and we converse at length a few times a month, depending on how she’s feeling. I continue sending messages several times a week wishing for her recovery.”


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Harold Davis’ Reaction To The Terrible News

While Season 1 was filming, Harold became aware that Michaela was battling cancer. He revealed the producers and Katrina was not aware of Michaela’s cancer struggles. Continuing filming, he kept quiet about the sickness onscreen even after learning about the sad news. Out of politeness, he felt it wasn’t his story to tell. He commented, “The sadness in my eyes in the scene where I am wearing a suit is from this.”  Noting his gratefulness he said, “The show was wonderfully and kindly cut so as not to share this either.”  It was at the end of July 2022. Harold Davis expressed his deep sadness when he learned she had her ovaries and womb removed. Having this new information, Harold admitted he was heartbroken, but “fully understood” why Michaela wouldn’t commit to being his girlfriend.

But just a few weeks ago, he learned her financial situation is dire. Being on a fixed income and she is struggling to pay for necessities. He has taken action to help his dear friend. Harold is putting a call out to anyone who can assist Michaela to contribute to the GoFundMe he has created.

Call To Action

Harold Davis knows Michaela will never ask for herself. He has made a call to action! “Let’s rally together in this GoFundMe campaign to ease her burden, and restore her dignity showing her she’s not alone in this journey.” He includes that, “The money will be used to help with her debts, living expenses and improve her quality of life. I have put a goal at 20K. While I don’t expect to raise enough to cure her cancer or increase her options for treatment, I hope to raise enough to help pay her living expenses so she can focus on her recovery.”
Show some love for Harold and Michaela! If you can help out visit the GoFundMe and if not, shower them will support in the comments.
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