‘CNN This Morning’ Finally Replaces Don Lemon With New Anchor

Don Lemon-YouTube

CNN This Morning has finally replaced Don Lemon with a new anchor after he was fired back in April. The network gave its lineup a complete makeover. That being said, Lemon was moved to mornings where he did not fare all that well. Then, he got into some trouble with the things that he said and eventually, created his own demise. Now, someone new is sitting in his seat but who is it? Read on for more details.

CNN This Morning Finally Replaces Don Lemon With New Anchor

When CNN gave its lineup a complete makeover, they switched several anchors around. Don Lemon had his own nightly show which did quite well and he had a strong fanbase. Then, the decision was made to move him to the morning timeslot but he would not be alone. Rather, Lemon would sit alongside Poppy Harlow and CNN commentator Kaitlan Collins. This was different for him as he had mostly always helmed his own show. This was not comfortable and they would often butt heads. Then, Lemon made a comment about Nikki Haley, saying that she was past her prime.

Don Lemon/YouTube
Don Lemon-YouTube

This did not go over well with the women as it was deemed offensive to say that about a woman. What exactly does it mean to be “past your prime?” Don Lemon said he did not make this up and to simply Google it. More would transpire but it seemed that the female staffers did not care to work with him any longer. Finally, he was axed and CNN had to decide what to do with their morning show.

Phil Mattingly-YouTube
Phil Mattingly-YouTube

They did a complete switch and eventually moved Kaitlan Collins to the evenings but who would be with Poppy Harlow in the mornings? According to People, CNN correspondent Phil Mattingly will officially replace Don Lemon alongside Harlow from now on. Last year, Mattingly was given the title of CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent. Yet, he understands the challenges that go along with this and the climate that he is in.

Talking The Tough Stuff

Though Phil Mattingly seems more than ready to take over for Don Lemon, he did have this to say about being mixing media and politics with today’s world.

“I’m not naïve enough to think one reporter or one team can address all of the issues. But I firmly believe that every day we go to work — every story we write, every television package we put together, every live shot we do — there’s an opportunity to break through and deliver news that gives people a clear and unvarnished window into what’s happening in their elected government.”

As for CNN’s Poppy Harlow, she knew what she wanted in a co-anchor. She noted being funny was key yet she did acknowledge she would miss her former partners in crime.

Are you happy to see Phil at the desk now? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Yeah! I’ve been hoping that Phil would permanently take the position to anchor the morning show. I watch him every morning. He brings a comfortable atmosphere with his humor, intellect and charm.

    1. I, too, was very happy to see Phil filling the morning spot. I really like the “chemistry” between the two of them. From the first week he joined her, I thought he should be the new anchor. I loved Don, am sorry to see him go, but I don’t know what it was like working with him personally.

  2. No, I am not happy! This guy doesn’t have the look to keep the viewers interested in what he has to say. His facial and mannerism for a nighttime anchor will not cut it. Boring is not the way, today you need a certain personality and attitude for an anchor position, both of these new anchors will run the viewers away in the long run, no excitement, they need to be more opinionated and edgy. Humor, intellect and charm, for whom? Bore me in the mornings, and bore me in the evenings, I will soon not watch the show at all. What made CNN pop? were the two wonderful different personalities and characters of Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon, both smart, opinionated, full of knowledge about the worldly things of politics and life, good looking and well-groomed and funny! You can’t ask for anything more! Clean cut, educated about the topics, charisma., everybody can identify with you! Down to earth and both liked each other, that made the audience love this pair so much! You will never have another pair like them again! I stop watching CNN, and now look at the most watched network in my town, NEWSNATION, where Chris Cuomo comes on at 7:00 pm central standard time, and if I miss it, I can see it recorded!

    1. I loved them both, especially the “change-over.” I think Cuomo, Lemon, and Mattingly all have so much to contribute. I like them all.

  3. Wow! I could not have stated it better! I totally agree with you! I too, stop watching. Only watch Anderson Cooper, Laura Coates, and Abby.

  4. CNN has lost my viewership and since there is NO person of color to express any opposing ideas, good riddance!

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