Don Lemon TERMINATED At CNN, Shocking Details

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News anchor Don Lemon took to social media this morning with a bombshell for his followers — He has been fired from CNN. As TvLine reminds us (as the first news outlet to break this story), Don has been an anchor with CNN for just shy of two decades. So, this news came as a bit of a shock to him (as well as everyone else).

Don Lemon Fired By ‘CNN’ After Two Decades Of Loyalty

Feeling a bit salty, Don Lemon took to social media this morning to tell the world he had been informed by his agent that CNN made the decision to fire him. Considering how long he’s worked with the network, it isn’t too much of a shock that he found the sudden termination to be so surprising. But, what was truly offputting to Don Lemon was the fact that “someone in management” couldn’t be bothered to tell him directly they decided to fire him. Don noted he was “stunned” to find out this way and wished management could have been decent about how they handled it. Here’s what he tweeted:

He added it was “clear” to him that there were some “larger issues at play.” He concluded his statement by wishing his team and co-workers the very best as he enjoyed working with them over the years.

Unfortunately for Don Lemon, his statement was not well-received. One individual in the comments questioned if he was serious about the fact that he claims he didn’t see it coming. The individual penned in a response liked over 1.1K times, “You have been replaced by honest people on their cellphones.”

Many others chimed in that he was a “racist hack” and they were happy to see him getting what he deserved.

CNN Chairman And CEO Chris Licht Issues Statement

The chairman and CEO of CNN also issued a brief statement about Don Lemon’s termination from the network. He penned in his statement as he wished the anchor well, “we thank him for his contributions over the past 17 years. We wish him well and will be cheering him on in his future endeavors.”

The statement from the CNN CEO painted a very different picture compared to Don’s statement. Twitter users, however, echoed the way they reacted to Don’s statement by thanking Chris and noting it was the right decision for the network.

News of his termination follows just a few weeks after an expose was published via Variety featuring more than a dozen of his past and current co-workers opening up about his inappropriate and misogynistic behavior.

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