‘Y&R’ Spoilers: Will They Write In Camryn Grimes’ Pregnancy?

Camryn Grimes

Camryn Grimes is going strong in her pregnancy and is starting to really show. Young And The Restless fans want to know if they are going to write her pregnancy into the storyline or keep hiding her behind plants. What is going to happen?

The Plan For Camryn Grimes’ Pregnancy

So far, they are just hiding Camryn behind plants and making it look like she isn’t pregnant. She is actually due with her baby in December, so she is just going to continue to show more as the months go on. Camryn was asked on Twitter how they will hide her bump and she actually had a great idea for it. She said, “I’ve requested to only be carrying a handful of slightly deflated balloons at all times. That or a basket of puppies.” Fans would love to see a cute basket of puppies on the show all the time.


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Speculation Of What Else Could Happen

It doesn’t sound like they will be writing in Mariah’s pregnancy, but you never know with a soap opera what they will decide to do. Instead, The Young And The Restless could decide to make Mariah have a one-night stand and end up knocked up causing drama. She doesn’t have a long-term lover that could get her pregnant so that would be the only way to really do the storyline this way. Mariah and Tessa’s relationship story was a big one for The Young And The Restless at one time. This story was a very important one for the show, but of course, it never ended up with a baby between them.

Mariah is bisexual so there is always a chance that she could hook up with a guy, maybe even her good friend Kyle. That would definitely cause drama if that happened. Sadly, it doesn’t look like Y&R writers have plans to go that way with the story. Instead, they will just continue to hide Camryn Grimes’ baby bump up to the point that she leaves for maternity leave. That means several more months of hiding behind plants, puppies, tables or whatever else they can come up with for her.

Do you think they should write Camryn Grimes’ pregnancy into The Young And The Restless? Sound off in the comments below and catch new episodes of Y&R weekdays on CBS.

Mandy Robinson


    1. Y&R has spent a lot of time and effort to promote the Lesbian lifestyle for Mariah and Tessa, even so far as adopting a baby,it would be a disaster to have Mariah cheat. Just hide her baby bump and let it go.

  1. hello there to all out there. I do not want Teriah to ever divorce or possibly lose baby Aria because of it!

    I think it should go on as it is now. if Camryn leaves the show due to her real life baby for a while

    then just have Cait on the show looking after the baby. they could say Mariah got called away for

    a long business trip with Jabot before she quits to work with her mother. that would be most suitable I think.

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