‘Young And The Restless’ Doug Davidson Says Goodbye For Good

Doug Davidson, Young and the Restless - YouTube

The Young And The Restless star Doug Davidson has said ‘goodbye’ for the last time. The award-winning actor who played Paul Williams has bid adieu to his loyal soap fans and Genoa City.

What has happened to the long-time star of this CBS soap?

Doug Davidson, Young and The Restless - YouTube
Doug Davidson, Young and The Restless – YouTube

Doug Davidson Is Done At Y&R

On Sunday, Young and The Restless star Doug Davidson went to Twitter to share some shocking news with longtime fans of the soap.

He wrote, “Well, I cleaned out my dressing room a week ago Saturday. Yes it was sad for several reasons. 1. It was my home for over 40 years and it was like a ghost town. Price has left, and the new owner of TV City isn’t really keeping it up. The sets were all small and a bit tired. ☚ī¸”

That means on Saturday, July 15, the actor that portrayed Paul Williams for over four decades cleaned out his work closet. This means he is done with the CBS soap!

To summarize his tweet, he went to CBS Television City to clear out his locker. When he referred to “Price” It was regarding The Price Is Right. This popular CBS gameshow is now going to film out of Glendale, California at Haven. This is also where Let’s Make A Deal will be filming as well.

Back in the old days, both iconic game shows were filmed at the same studio as Y&R. Now, those days are gone.

Doug Davidson, Young and The Restless - YouTube
Doug Davidson, Young and The Restless – YouTube

Does Iconic Soap Star Have ‘Sour Grapes’?

Amid a lot of fan love and support for Doug Davidson, one mercurial poster commented, “Sour grapes much?”

Doug was quick to thank those who gave him a chance. “Not at all. I owe everything to the Bells.”

But this was not the first time that he thanked the couple that changed his life.

Doug Davidson Thanked The Bells, CBS

Later in the day, Doug Davidson posted a message of thanks. Moreover, it extended beyond the warm messages from fans. It encompassed those who gave him his big break.

Thank you all of the kind messages! Sending lots of love right back to you all!! And of course, I’m eternally grateful to Bill and Lee Bell and CBS for EVERYTHING! 🙏🙏👍👍💗

Bill and Lee Bell are the iconic couple who created Young and The Restless. The husband and wife duo created this new series and it launched in 1973.

Doug Davidson started on the series in 1978. However, it was just a few years ago that he was a regular.

Since late 2020, he has become what he described as a “day player.”

Does This Mean Doug Davidson Is Done With Y&R?

Does this Twitter post mean that Doug Davidson will no longer be on Young and The Restless?

Fans of this CBS soap have lost a long-time series mainstay. Moreover, Doug Davidson has cleaned out his desk. But, he is happy to engage with fans and thank the Bells for giving him such a great role and career.

Lastly, Young and The Restless fans, are you shocked that Doug is officially gone?

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