Derek Hough Hopes To Secure ‘All-Stars’ For ‘DWTS’ Season 32

Derek Hough from the Jennifer Hudson Show, sourced from YouTube

DWTS judge Derek Hough sincerely hopes they can secure some all-star talent ahead of Season 32.

As the fall television season creeps closer, fans have started making guesses about the celebrity contestants that will enter the ballroom. With only one confirmed celebrity guest so far, there are still more questions than answers.

Judge Derek Hough doesn’t have much to do with the casting department, but he does have a few ideas. Who exactly would he like to cast if he had his own way?

Derek Hough wants some former champions to reenter the ballroom

Dancing With The Stars Season 32 is definitely going to feel a bit different for viewers. For starters, it’s the first to air after the passing of long-time judge, Len Goodman. But according to Derek Hough, the cast is doing everything in their power to keep his memory alive.

“Having the passing of our dear friend and colleague Len and just being there to honor him is definitely my focus,” Derek recently told Variety. So far, it seems as if DWTS plans to stick to three judges, rather than try to add a fourth.

Derek Hough and Len Goodman from Instagram
Derek Hough/Instagram

The cast list is still largely a mystery so far. But Derek Hough admits he thinks it would be so fun to have all-stars from previous seasons join the cast.

“When I did the all-star season with Shawn Johnson, we ended up coming in second,” the DWTS judge continued. “That was honestly one of my favorite seasons, and I was so devastated.”

However, Derek thinks it might be a great idea to add more all-stars to Season 32. So far, Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix is the only confirmed cast member. There’s still plenty of time to add former champions to the roster.

“I think that it’d be a really, really competitive season,” he told Variety, thinking about former Mirrorball winners he would like to invite back.

When asked who specifically he’d ask, Derek immediately listed off his former partners, Bindi Irwin and Nicole Scherzinger. However, there were plenty of other former champions who the Utah dancer connected with.

“I think Rashad Jennings would love to come back,” he continued. “Donny Osmond, I know he’d probably love to come back too. Even Jordan Fisher, who was fantastic.”

It’s going to be one busy fall for the DWTS judge

Although Derek Hough is excited to return for another season of Dancing With The Stars, he’s also incredibly busy. He also announced that he’s going on tour this fall.

And on top of all that, he’s planning his wedding with fellow dancer Hayley Erbert.

Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert from Instagram
Hayley Erbert/Instagram

“The wedding — that’s a whole production in and of itself,” Derek confessed to Variety. “It feels like we’re planning two tours, two shows!”

Are you excited to see exactly who DWTS Season 32 will add to the cast? Would you also like to see another all-star season? Share your ideas in the comments and check back for more.

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