‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Season 11 Airdate & Time Revealed

My Big Fat Fabulous life Season 11 premiere date spoilers TLC Whitney Way Thore

My Big Fat Fabulous Life returns with Season 11 and the airdate and time have been finally revealed. Whitney Way Thore became feverishly active on social media ahead of the sneak peek, which TLC fans know signals some large announcement. Naturally, some spoilers confirmed the direction of the show, and of course, it involves a manhunt.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 11 Touted To Be The Best  Yet

Ever since Season 10 ended, there’s been chatter about how marvelous Season 11 will be. Meanwhile, some people talked about how the show should be canned. After all, Babs, Whitney’s mom passed away, and with her passing, some people felt there was little more to tell. How many men can Whitney go through? Does anyone want to see the resurrection of the faceless French man? Who really wants to see Glenn Thore with a broken heart find his way without his wife at his side?

Whitney Way Thore Babs MBFFL Season 11 T LC People Magazine
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My Big Fat Fabulous Life returns and no doubt a lot of people will tune in and watch it. Even critics would like to see if anything fabulous will finally happen for the TLC star. Once again, as with Season `10, Lennie Alehat returns but unfortunately, spoilers suggest that he’s not after Whitney’s heart. An interesting spoiler suggested that a secret brother will feature in the new season. However, so far, the only allusion tone is that Whitney sees her brother’s online dating profile. Other reports suggested that she actually has a secret half-sister named Angie. Either way, injecting a new storyline will be interesting.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers & Premiere

MBFFL shows, as expected, that Glenn Thore and his daughter go through a period of grief as they get used to Babs being missing from their life. Actually, teasers showed that it was Hunter who spoke with his sister about getting the older man back into life. From her own social media, TLC fans already saw that the dad and daughter traveled to Switzerland. There, it seems that Whitney struggled with life in the high country People Magazine noted “Whitney deals with a health emergency due to the elevation at the top of the mountain.”

Naturally, Glenn fears that his daughter might also pass away, but clearly, the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star survived to manhunt another day. Apparently, Lennie Alehat hit the jackpot with another woman, so Whitney Way Throe got a bit peeved about that. She said, “I make out with an ex and then they immediately find themselves in a happy and successful relationship…It would be nice if I could have the same.”

My Big Fat Fabulous life Season 11 TLC
Image credit: TLC Via People Magazine

Excited yet? Well, it’s not very long to wait because the new season premieres on Tuesday, September 5, at 9 pm ET/PT on TLC. Of course, discovery+ subscribers can also watch it as it streams.

Glenn Thore Features A Lot

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans who love Whitney’s dad, Glenn will be happy to see that he features a lot on Season 11. Apart from visiting attractive lakes in Switzerland, he will go sky-driving and adventuring. While he does that, his daughter steps up for her dad in a big way as they bond over their shared loss.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life MBFFL TLC People Magazine
Image credit: TLC Via People Magazine

Are you happy to hear that the new season is just weeks away? Will you tune in and watch? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I know there’s nothing real about reality tv but I will watch the show since I live in Greensboro. It’s typical reality tv with made up stories. I say hello to Glenn when I see him in the grocery store. I’m sorry for the loss of Babs. She’s one of the family members I never saw in person or met.

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