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Should TLC Cancel ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’?

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My Big Fat Fabulous Life centers on Whitney Way Thore and has been on for 10 seasons now. The TLC show premiered on January 13, 2015, and now fans think that the show has been on for far too long. Fans fell in love with the show as it showcased the struggles of a 380 pounds woman trying to lead a healthy life. Despite her weight, Whitney tried her best to do everything a normal-sized individual can do with ease. However, of late, the show has become more monotonous and viewers feel TLC should cancel it once and for all!

What Is TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 10 About?

Season 10 so far has been all about the events that happened after Whitney’s mom Babs suffered a stroke. Although Babs seems to be better than before, she still requires the help of a full-time nurse to take care of her. So, she is currently at the Abbotswood care facility. The reality star is also struggling with her love for motherhood. Given her health condition, getting pregnant would be difficult for her.

Whitney Way Thore TLC My Big Fat Fabulous Life YouTube

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So, she decided to opt for surrogacy instead and chose her friend to help her out. However, bad news struck her after her friend had to back out as her body wasn’t fit enough for surrogacy. With so much going on in her life, why do fans think that My Big Fat Fabulous Life should come to an end?

Reddit Users Feel Whitney Way Thore Does ‘Nothing’

On Reddit, a fan wrote, “At this point, I feel the show is dead. She’s not even giving us good material to snark at. She’s boring. The season is boring. There’s nothing. Nada. She’s (They’ve) run out of storylines and material. Jumped shark. It’s over. Even Lenny can’t breathe life back into it!!! I only care if Babs is ok. That’s it. She’s miserable and everyone is moving on but her… time to let the final shoe drop.”

Whitney Way Thore TLC My Big Fat Fabulous Life YouTube

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Talking about her ex-boyfriend Lennie Alehat another user chimed in, “Lenny is just her new emotional support animal now that Buddy’s distanced himself from her and it’s so obvious.”

A third user wrote, “I feel like it’s really because she does NOTHING AT ALL. In the past she used to try to do things and fail epically because she’s in complete denial about her physical and mental capabilities. I miss that.”

TLC My Big Fat Fabulous Life YouTube

[Source: Reddit]

“The fact her insta shows that Babs is still basically non-verbal means there won’t be any progression of her health in this season. It’s basically watching car washes and Heather on dates,” chimed in the fourth user.

Did TLC Star Whitney Way Thore Get Weight Loss Surgery?

Last year, Whitney did consider the possibility of weight loss surgery which sparked the viewer’s interest. However, it seems like she didn’t go through with it.

Whitney Way Thore TLC My Big Fat Fabulous Life YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Do you think My Big Fat Fabulous Life is getting boring by the day? And, do you think TLC should cancel it now? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. I think My Big Fat Fabulous Life should be cancelled. The show is very boring now and
    Whitney’s life is a train wreck. No ones cares about her big fat fabulous life…..not so fabulous anymore lol.

    1. Yes please cancel this show, it’s boring, she’s always being heart broken and I’ve never seen a woman exercise so much but never lose a pound, it’s worn out it’s welcome.

  2. TLC should cancel this show because it serves absolutely no purpose. She’s just an overweight woman who lives her life on TV. That’s it. I’m a chubby guy and maybe TLC can film me to make some extra money. lol What about doing shows that show success of Latinos and people of color.

  3. Most annoying was 2 episodes where at the end she gets a 911 call about Babs and the viewers have to see the next show and don’t find anything changed.

  4. I love the show and no way do I want it canceled. I am as interested in the show as I was from the beginning and I want to find out if Whitney finds true love, and I want to know if Babs is okay and how Mom and Dad are doing as Babs recovers.

    1. I just started watching My big fat fabulous life. So far I’m really enjoying the show. She has such a positive attitude , how could anyone not like her! I also like that her family and friends are so supportive of each other. So I hope they keep it going!

    1. Me too, I love Whitney her family and her friends, always interesting to see what they are experiencing in life and how much they care about each other.

    1. Ditto thank you for agreeing with me. She has gained so much wait it’s hideous. She is always in her workout clothes that show every thing. Totally disgusting like she doesn’t even care. Cancel Cancel Cancel ASAP there is no story here.

  5. I have stopped watching the show.
    Whitney used to be a joy to watch every week with her struggles about being overweight in a society that caters to thin people. She was fabulous and inspirational when we saw her world of dance.
    Her character now is all about her world showing how she micro manages her friends and family.
    Bring back what she once once in the world of surviving as a heavy person and her world when she moved.

  6. Cancel this train wreck. All she does is whine whine whine. Nothing interesting about this show – from Episode 1 until now.

  7. The show changed dramatically since the first season. There is so much drama by Whitney along with all her crying scenes. She has changed and her friends aren’t important to her.

  8. if the show stays on TV Whitney should be wearing clothes that cover her body when she is in public. Honestly has she no shame. She is not a young kid who wants to dress like the other kids. she is a full over grown woman who should know by now that even thin people cover up in public.

  9. she has lost the appeal to watch now. it’s just her chasing after some guy that is or is not real.
    But the saddest thing is now she is going to use Babs as her story line. She is too loud and obnoxious and demanding of her parents. I think this has been a strain on her mother and father.

  10. Cancel the show. While it was interesting at first, Whitney is not about achieving any weight loss. TLC is promoting her killing herself. Her next show will be 600lb story! Boring anymore, her crying is about on, oh poor me I can’t have a baby, guess not! Good luck to her parents, they are sweethearts.

  11. What happened in France? We were left with her hopping onto a plane to French Man, but nothing else was mentioned about the trip. Then we come back and it’s all about other people. I get it, Babs is super important in Whitney’s life, but why create drama about other events and then drop them. And why are we forcing Heather to go on dates with men she obviously doesn’t like to begin wit? It’s painful to watch. I love the show and have since the beginning, but we need more.

  12. I like the show. It’s interesting to me.I do think she should use the opportunity she has through this show to really lose that weight, getting braces is great, she’s a beautiful woman, big BUT here (no pun intended) she will die much younger than her parents are now if she continues life at that size. I would LOVE LOVE to watch her really give a crap about her weight and TRY to lose it through food control not just exercise. She looks active. Who really knows though? Just my opinion. I will still watch until it’s over.

  13. no don’t cancel the show. it’s not just about Whitney’s weight struggles, it’s about friends and her family. Everyone is cohesive about Babs health and supporting Whitney, Hunter and her father. I have been watching it since the show aired.

  14. I would have loved to see a real journey of weight loss. But all this show offers is a woman who claims to be strong and proud, crying on every episode because of her weight. The same weight she’s promoted as “healthy” because she’s active. She’s a very nice lady but the show is pointless.

  15. Can’t stand LIKE her annoying LIKE laugh. And LIKE so I can’t LIKE her show so LIKE I have to LIKE turn her LIKE off. Like does anyone LIKE get the MESSAGE .

    1. OMG, yes! Like how often, like, do we like have to, like listen, to like whatever nonsense garbage that like tends to like, you know. Come out of her, like, mouth.

    2. Please cancel this show the commercials are annoying much less her show.
      All the whining and chasing men. If she put even 1/10 of that energy in losing weight she maybe could get pregnant or maybe find a man who was interested in her and not want to be on tv. Shes getting way too old to be a self centered whiner if you dont like something about your self change it! This from a former obese person.

  16. I still very much enjoy watching the show. As a full figured woman I find Whitney inspirational. I enjoy the story line also. I would hate to see the show cancelled.

  17. I watch the show but agree they need to find that spark that was in the first seasons. I hope Babs gets better. I love seeing her husband stand by her side through all this.

    1. I agree with you Kella!

      It’s a fabulous outlet for numerous viewers! It just needs to rally back. . .
      French BoyFriend either needs to be brought into the show because Whitney is SOOOO boy crazy OR never speak of him again. . . Too many of us are clueless. . .I see Whitney from scene to scene with the supposed ring he gave her on. . . Off . . . On. . .off. . .so. . It makes me pause and think when she ISNT talking about him things may not be all shall I say Oh la la!. . .?

  18. I don’t watch the show because even the commercial previews suck…” I hope she knows that I know, that she knows that I know, that I know that I love her” all while having to watch her bad acting. I would watch a monkey cooking show before watching this.

  19. I think that we all need to stop watching other people’s lives and get on with our own.TLC was once the learning channel, what do we learn from that channel a 90 day,600 hundred pound big fat fabulous sister wife who needs a pimple popped that is the size of little person..come on people

  20. Boring is being kind. It wasn’t interesting last year watching an in denial obese person lift weights. She’s too loud, too attention grabbing and it’s just boring. I turned the channel to House Hunters. She had a chance to admit being that huge is not healthy (I’m also obese) and to help people follow along while she loses some weight, she’s not interested. We are not interested in her

  21. I personally like the show. If you don’t like the show then don’t watch it. Why should TLC cancel a show that more people like it than don’t like it. Like I said if you don’t like it don’t watch it , change the channel….

  22. This show should definitely be canceled. The producers (of whom WWT is one) are scraping the bottom of the barrel for content and have been doing so for some time. An episode centered on her going through a car wash and how “traumatic” it was for her? Really? Nasty comments about Jessica not wearing deodorant (??!?!) and Lennie’s teeth ?!?! Also, no mention of “The French Man” except to imply that there’s a “relationship” there. There never was a relationship, and there still isn’t one. It was completely scripted and made up.

    She acts like an entitled jerk and then claims that she’s the victim of “fatphobia” when in truth people dislike her not because of her size but because of her offensive behaviors, her rudeness and condescension, her UNBELIEVABLY inappropriate and constant sexual innunedos (and inappropriate touching of people) … the list is endless.

    Moreover, she is unbelievably rude and unkind to her “friends.” She is spoiled, entitled, has no boundaries, and essentially lives an incredibly empty and boring life. That’s why they have to make up these stupid story lines for her. She cries too much, and not believably (there’s usually a suspicious lack of actual tears). She has no real job, no real friends anymore (they appear just to be filmed and then move on to their real, full lives), no interests. None of these are the definition of “fabulous.”


  23. After all these years I’m vested in the show although it used to be much better. I only wish she’d get rid of the braces!!!

  24. I still watch the show but miss how it used to be in the early seasons. I loved watching the BGDC and enjoyed the cast of characters who danced! I enjoyed the dance offs she even had a few times. Now the show is focused on Whit and her struggle to find a man and have a baby. it’s not as interesting although I do love seeing her with her friends. I like that they have been friends since HS and aren’t just reality show friends!

  25. Having pcos & gaining a lot of weight because of it, I was really interested in the show because I thought it would show her making serious attempts to lose weight. After 3 seasons I stopped watching because she wasn’t really doing anything but making excuses. I was disappointed. I don’t watch anymore.

  26. Please cancel this “show”….she is an embarrassment to all us fat ladies. She is “just existing” now, and CRYING through each episode. She’s obviously NOT HAPPY, and if you are not happy, there is no “fabulous” about it. I have never, ever seen someone cry so much, every episode, not just one or two. Turn off her tears, release her from her contract and let her focus on Babs, and her dad. Boring, boring, boring.,

  27. I think they should cancel the show it’s the same old thing each week and some of these other shows that are on I’m not sure which woodwork they find these people

  28. OMG all Whitney does is cry and whine!! She is so annoying now! I used to enjoy it BUT NO NOW!! She is so misserable and is always got her hands on any random man! I am so sick of her!! Ps Buy some clothes that fit!

  29. Don’t Cancel My Big Fat Fabulous Life It’S Not The Right Time to Cancel This Show I Enjoy watching this Show If You want to Cancel shows Cancel sisters wives and smothered and 90 days fiancé and seeking Sister Wife

  30. I have been watching this show since the beginning. Why does Whitney not care about herself anymore? She gave up on her health. I like she has a positive attitude about herself but she needs to cover her self up. Exercise clothes are for exercising, not for wearing out every where. It bothered me that she does not cover up her body when she rushes to the hospital or anywhere in public. Can you have her throw a smock dress on over her gym clothes? She should have a little more self respect. I find it hard to believe I am commenting on this but even I am starting to get tired of the show. She needs to change. Take care Whitney. Good luck no matter what happens.

  31. Wish ‘Seeking Sister Wives’ would be cancelled. It is immoral and disgusting. Please, please cancel the show. ‘Sister Wives’ is enough if you are interested in that love style.
    As far as Whitney goes, the story line with her parents should play out before you think about canceling her. But ‘Seeking Sister Wives’ is awful.

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